Breathtakingly Fun: 7 Bay Area Playgrounds With Stunning Sights

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The Bay Area is a beacon for awe-inspiring views all around—many of which can be enjoyed from the comfortable vantage point of the playground bench. Scroll through the photo gallery to see our favorite playgrounds with a view.  

Frog Park, Oakland

Stop by this kid's paradise that's complete with peepholes, suspension bridges, castle turrets and even a babbling brook. Settled under Highway 24, this magical park is certainly one for the easily tired moms or eager for an adventure dads. There's sit-down spots under sun or shade, welcoming benches in quiet areas, redwood groves to explore and butterfly gardens to photograph - This adventure is definitely one for the cameras.


photo credit: niawag via creativecommons flickr

Know any other parks in the city with stellar views? Share you favorites in a comment below.

— Neil Chhabra and Christal Yuen