Ten Places to Act Out Your Inner Olympian

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We hate to break it to you, but unless you’re currently reading this from London, you will probably never be an Olympian. But that doesn’t mean you can’t seriously enjoy summer Olympics sports around San Francisco. Rachel Greenberg from 7×7 has gathered some awesome facilities in the city where you can at least pretend you’re an Olympian.

1. Swimming – Sava Pool
Sava Pool is part of the SF Recreation and Parks, and is open daily for a reasonable drop-in fee of $5. The facility is modern and snazzy (especially for a public pool) and there are even specified “lap swimming” times if you’re really serious about honing your backstroke.

2. Table Tennis – The Sunset Table Tennis Club
With teen and adult leagues and plenty of private lessons, this club means serious ping-pong business. Just look at this guy’s game face!

3. Trampoline – House of Air
For the novice bouncer, House of Air is open daily for unstructured fun. But if you’re looking for something a bit more involved, they also offer “Air Conditioning Classes” to fit and tone, training classes for “beginners to advanced aerialists”…and Trampoline Dodgeball leagues.

4. Archery – Golden Gate Archery Range
Prefer a Longbow over a Shortbow? A Compound Bow over a Recurve Bow? Hit up the San Francisco Archery Pro Shop across the street from the range to rent your bow of choice before making your way to G.G. Park to practice on the course’s nine targets, free of charge.

Still wanna go for the gold? Head over to 7×7 and check out some more cool places to unleash your inner Olympian.

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