You Work, They Play: The Best Work Spaces for Parents

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Work/life balance—it’s a thing! At least, it should be. Indoor play spaces around the bay certainly help—fun spaces where the kiddos can run around during open play hours—all while you park yourself and your laptop at a work table. It’s the best of both worlds. . . .just remember to bring the noise-cancelling headphones.

photo: Goodluz via shutterstock

San Francisco

Peek-A-Boo Factory
If you’re in need of computer time to catch up on emails, this indoor playground has café seating in the parents’ lounge, flexible walk-in hours and separate play areas for different aged kids. Bonus: they throw awesome, easy birthdays—a one stop shop!

2 West Portal Ave.
San Francisco, CA

From getting a Powerpoint done to a even little self care (bring a book!), Recess gives you the chance to breathe easy under deadline because they offer a fabulous workspace… with onsite childcare! (Hooray!). Make sure to call ahead since it’s a a smaller setting of 4 desks, but still fast Wifi and (most importantly) coffee and tea. Note that rainy days are reserved for members only.

2226 Taraval
San Francisco, CA

photo: Play Haven

Play Haven
With over 4,000 square feet of space for the entire family, Play Haven has everything to plow through your bullet journal while the littles are kept fully-occupied by an open play area, art studio and rock climbing wall. For you: table seating, an outdoor area (surrounded by lush greens) and free, fast WiFi. Plenty of yummy snacks for the whole family, too!

254 Laguna Honda Blvd.
San Francisco, CA

This play space has everything squeal-worthy: a bounce house, an enormous ball pit, slides, a rope climbing tunnel—even an electronic game and dance floor! And they didn’t forget about the grown-ups with a a huge workspace table, free/fast WiFi, flexible drop-in hours and a cappuccino bar in the works. It’s a hip, bright space for the entire family to enjoy. 

303 Linden Ave
South San Francisco, CA

photo: The COOP SF

East Bay

KidsGym Berkeley
This massive indoor space has something for everyone from infants to kiddos up to age 11. Ready for this massive list of awesome? Okay: a zip line, climbing wall, a sensory gym for developing kids and kids with special needs, crafts and activities, a quiet room for changing diapers, a family room for nursing, massage chairs and (ready for it?)… onsite childcare services!

2920 Seventh St.
Berkeley, CA

The Rec Room
Plug in while the kids romp, or come during their guided play hours to give them a still fun but more structured experience. Lots of bonuses here with $1/minute massages, free music classes and a relaxing dose of parent yoga.

3222 Adeline St.
Berkeley, CA

photo: Recess

Peninsula/South Bay

It’s café-meets-playspace in this charming, local, organic restaurant with an outdoor patio. It’s the perfect place to give yourself a break to sip and nosh, or to get a few emails taken care of while the kids explore the bright playroom. (Tip: this is a beloved and busy spot, so make a reservation beforehand.)

145 First St.
Los Altos, CA

The Garden by Equal Play
Designed for working parents like you, The Garden by Equal Play is an innovative co-working system located in beautiful downtown San Mateo. They provide fully-equipped office space with all the amenities (from great coffee to lightning-fast WiFi), as well as nurturing, compassionate, play-based childcare in the same building. You can host a client meeting, get a report out the door, and pause for lunch with your child. And The Garden’s flexible memberships and drop-in rates are designed to meet a wide variety of co-working needs.

11 N Ellsworth Ave.
San Mateo, CA

photo: La Petite Playhouse

La Petite Playhouse
When life gets too chaotic to work from home, head to this giant facility that has undersea-themed play structures, a climbing wall, a playhouse (for kids 10 and under), plus two sport courts. There’s plenty to keep the kiddos occupied so that you can catch up on projects while they burn off all their energy. (Bonus: Hello, good night’s sleep!)

1264 Oddstad Dr.
Redwood City, CA

Safari Run
From obstacle courses to jumpy areas, this fun space offers all kinds of ways for your kids to explore while you do you! The play areas are walked through and sanitized hourly (pesky germs begone!). The open play area is for kids ages 3 – 10 though there’s no additional adult supervision or childcare on premises, so if you really need to plug in with minimal interruption, consider this a great spot for the older set.

1180 Kern Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA

341 N Amphlett Blvd.
San Mateo, CA

photo: Mae Respicio

North Bay

This entertainment center is awesome for school-aged kids with its trampolines, video games and the coolest Ninja Warrior course ever. You’ll have the best vantage point since the Parents’ Lounge (tables, massage chairs and free WiFi) is located on the second floor with a view of the trampolines. The minute you enter, the kids will be off and bouncing and you likely won’t hear from them until their video game cards run out. 

555 Rohnert Park Expy West, Suite C
Rohnert Park, CA

What are some of your favorite work/play places around the bay? Give them a shout out in the comments!

—Mae Respicio