Get Amped Up: 16 Science Kits for Curious Kids


Whether your little one is passionate about volcanoes or wanting to learn more about the butterfly life cycle, these science kits for kids are the ticket. Order one up and you’ll get everything you need to carry out a hands-on science experiment at home. Get ready to be amazed at what your kids will learn!

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MEL Kids

We love this subscription box for kids ages 5-9 and know you will too! You’ll get a new science kit with every month to learn about scientific topics like pressure, immiscible liquids, strength and jet propulsion. Download the AR app to get even more in depth info on your project. Cancel your subscription any time. 

Cost: $34.90/month

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KiwiCo Balloon Cars

Your little speed racers will love constructing these two balloon cars and seeing which is the fastest!

Cost: $24.95

Buy it here

MEandMine Fish Out Germs

We love this kit as it is especially helpful now to teach kids about our immune system and how to make it strong. Read the accompanying story and play with the kit as you fish out the germs. 

Cost: $29.95

Buy it here

MEL Physics

This monthly kit is designed for ages 8 and up and teaches how things like radios, microphones and wind turbines work. In your kit your little scientist will get everything they need to complete 2-3 hands-on physics experiments. Live Physics lessons and VR lessons are also included in this subscription. This is a month subscription; cancel any time. 

Cost: $34.90/month

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I’m the Chef, Too

We love this kit because it combines science with cooking! Each adventure kit is filled with a recipe, pre-measured dry ingredients and 2-3 STEAM based projects that are all theme related. Uncover a new adventure and learning experience every time! In the Galaxy Donuts kit, you’ll learn about the constellations and how to calculate the weight of planets. 

Shop the kits here, $39.95. 

MEL Chemistry

Does your little explore wonder how crystals grow? What it takes to make metal burn? These topics and more are covered in the MEL Chemistry kit that’s designed for ages 10 and up. Each month, a different hands-on kit arrives and your little chemist can dive into the info on their own or join in a live class where a science teacher goes over the concepts. 

Cost: $34.90/month

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MEandMine Superhero Rescue

How do muscles work? How can we use our bodies to make energy? This fun kit answers these questions and more through the accompanying book and two STEM projects. You even get to have a shoe race at the end!

Cost: $29.95

Buy it here

KiwiCo Young Chemists 3-Pack


You’ll get three science sets in this pack for ages 5 and up: crystal chemistry garden, colorful chemistry and oil + water chemistry.

Cost: $72.95

Buy yours here

KiwiCo Science of Cooking: Bread & Butter

Discover the science of cooking with this kit for kids ages 5+.

Buy it here, $19.95. 

Thames & Kosmos Kids First Science Laboratory Kit

This kit has everything your little scientist needs to get experimenting! It comes with all the tools you’ll need and colorful science cards to teach the steps. 

Cost: $50.16

Buy yours here

Insect Lore Butterfly Garden

Kids will love learning about the life cycle of the Painted Lady Butterfly and watching it emerge from its chrysalis. 

Cost: $36.99

Buy it here

KiwiCo Volcano Slime

A popular experiment in chemistry for kids ages 9+.

Buy it here, $14.95.

YELLOW SCOPE | DNA & Traits Science Kit

Learn what makes up DNA and how to pull DNA strands out of fruit and your very own cheek cell. 

Cost: $49.99

Buy it here

National Geographic Earth Science Kit

This kit comes with more than 15 Earth science activities that are sure to keep curious kids busy!

Cost: $29.78

Buy it here

KiwiCo Paper Circuits

Peek into the world of electricity with this kid for kids ages 11 & up. 

Buy it here, $24.95. 

KiwiCo Electric Pencil Sharpener

Sharpen some pencils—and your engineering knowhow—with a pencil sharpener you built yourself! 

Cost: $34.95

Buy it here

—Kate Loweth

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