Gift Guide: Screen-Free Gifts

Keen on screens or not, these screen-free gifts are fun for all the kiddos on your list

We don’t have an issue with screen time. After all, devices are entertaining, sure, but they also offer educational and convenience benefits! But regardless of your stance on the subject, everyone needs time away from screens and devices (grown-ups included). It can be so easy to forget to look up from our digital lives. That’s where our work, communication, entertainment, banking, researching, and, well, really most things throughout our days. We don’t think there’s anything wrong with that…until we forget to take in our surroundings. That’s why we also make sure to focus on screen-free gifts around the holidays.

While there are some hot high-tech gifts this year, we think it’s a great idea to include some screen-free gifts for everyone. And they’re really anything but boring! Creativity, relaxation, and imagination are all nudged when we aren’t looking at our screens. There are a lot of fantastic screen-free gifts out there, and these are some of the absolute best that are definitely on our “Buy” and “Give” lists!


We love Slumberkins. All of them. Every last one. We love that each one comes with an adorable plush toy (a "Kin") or flat lovey (a "Snuggler), a life skills book, and an affirmation card. Created by a therapist, you know that Slumberkins offers intentional and artfully-crafted lessons and absolutely precious new friend! And these aren't your usual plushes—everything from Big Foot to an ibex to a hammerhead shark is included!

Slumberkins ($15.00-$52.00), Amazon—Buy Now

Little Passports

Little Passports is an award-winning subscription box service that ignites curiosity and celebrates cultures with globally inspired experiences, hands-on art and science activities, and stories for kids ages 3-10!

Little Passports (Starting at $24.95)—Buy Now

Faux Fur Bag

What little one wouldn't love this pretty faux fur bag? It's the perfect crossbody size for your mini!

Faux Fur Bag ($31.00), Deux Par Deux—Buy Now

Rainbow Bath Bomb Bundle

Turn tub time into fun time with these fizzy rainbow bath bombs!

Rainbow Bath Bomb Bundle ($24.00), Tubby Todd—Buy Now

Kids Fair Isle Slippers

These colorful slippers are sure to keep their toes toasty-warm!

Boys Fair Isle Slippers ($25.20)—Buy Now

Girls Fair Isle Slippers ($21.60)—Buy Now

Evenflo Jungle Quest Activity Center

With a bouncy base, 17+ activities, 360º seat spin, and adjustable to grow with your baby, this activity center is great for keeping your little ones entertained without screen time!

Evenflo Jungle Quest Activity Center ($161.49)—Buy Now

Junior Climber Triangle Set

We think this is a great gift whether you're trying to cut down on screen time or not! It's perfect for keeping little ones occupied and active, plus it's just their size.

Junior Climber Triangle Set ($49.50+), Etsy—Buy Now

Wooden Car Track

This personalized wooden race track can be configured in multiple ways for hours of fun! Available in medium and large sizes.

Wooden Car Track ($109.02+), Etsy—Buy Now

Solar Print Paper Craft

Create gorgeous art with everyday objects! Simply place the object you'd like to create a pattern of on a sheet of the solar paper, leave it in the sun for 5-20 minutes, and reveal your result.

Solar Print Paper Craft ($15.39+), Etsy—Buy Now

Personalized Mini Claw Game

Bring the arcade to them! Personalized with their name and color of choice, it includes real LED lights and music, along with tokens (of course!). Fill it with their favorites and win the holidays.

Personalized Mini Claw Game ($48.99), Personalization Mall—Buy Now

Name Badge Personalized LEGO Storage

Multiple colors and sizes are available to store multiple colors and sizes of LEGOs that we just know are floating around your house (it's happening in ours, too)!

Name Badge Personalized LEGO Storage ($13.99+), Personalization Mall—Buy Now

Honeysticks Original Beeswax Crayons

Made in New Zealand using 100% beeswax and food-grade ingredients, these crayons are perfectly designed to fit little hands, difficult to snap, and hard to swallow. Definitely the way to go when it comes to gifting their first crayon set!

Honeysticks Original Beeswax Crayons ($22.95)—Buy Now

GeoSafari Jr. Talking Telescope

They'll take a trip to outer space with 24 close-up images of planets, stars, and space, 240 space facts, and answer quiz questions voiced by space expert Dawn Calandrelli!

GeoSafari Jr. Talking Telescope ($49.99)—Buy Now

Berlin Modern Play Kitchen

Would it be weird to say we want this set up as our own kitchen? Because we're saying it. It includes a cordless phone, spatula, pot, pan, lid, and chopping board!

Berlin Modern Play Kitchen ($199.99)—Buy Now

Play-Doh Ultimate Ice Cream Truck Playset

This life-size toy ice cream truck is sure to bring hours of (screen-free!) fun that sparks a ton of imagination!

Play-Doh Ultimate Ice Cream Truck Playset ($94.99)—Buy Now

Dinosaur Construction Action Model Build Set

This kit comes with a kid-safe power screwdriver and screws to assemble three model dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Construction Action Model Built Set ($23.99)—Buy Now


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