With only 122 rooms at Sea Breeze Beach House, you may arrive a stranger, but the staff does a great job of making you feel like you are part of the family. The property feels more like a “Beach House” than a resort, which means it’s full of authentic Bajan charm, with no corporate veneer. This 4-star, boutique all-inclusive resort in Barbados is a great option for American families looking for a relaxing beach stay with great food, staff, and water play options. 

The Rooms at Sea Breeze Beach House 

The room at Sea Breeze Beach House delivered beyond our expectations, and we’ll never forget the sound of our giddily squealing children as they entered the room for the first time. We stayed in an Ocean View Room with 1 King and Sofa Bed, which offers plenty of space and comfort for two adults and two children. We enjoyed the design aesthetic of the room as it was a departure from the modern neutrals we are seeing as standard in a lot of bigger hotel chains these days. The room was chic, with contemporary coastal style and elegant pops of turquoise. We also enjoyed the walls being dressed with paintings by local Bajan artists. The room made us feel like we were in Barbados, which is exactly how we want to feel on vacation! 

Sea Breeze Beach House
Sea Breeze Beach House/Anne Hatfield

As far as in-room amenities, we were greeted by a selection of cool drinks and snacks, which were refilled for us daily. Most notably, we enjoyed the bath robes and the private balcony overlooking the beach. As the kids took their afternoon naps, we slouched into the recliners on the balcony with our books. Then, come night, we slept like babies hearing the peaceful crashing of the waves outside our balcony. 

The Amenities at Sea Breeze Beach House 

Sea Breeze Beach House
Sea Breeze Beach House/Anne Hatfield

The property is set on 1,000 feet of powdery white-sand beach, and the beach is the #1 draw to stay at The Sea Breeze Beach House. The setting of the beach is calm and quiet, and there is loads of space to stretch out. For those looking for some activity, there are a few floating trampolines in the water, and snorkels, boogie boards, paddle boards, and kayaks to use at your heart’s content 

For those who like to complement beach time with pool time, the pool area is relaxed and spacious, with both a family pool and an adult pool. There is food and drink service at both pools, and the staff is very attentive in ensuring needs are met. We enjoyed the ice cream bicycle cart that stopped by the pool mid-morning and mid-afternoon offering popsicles as a refreshment. 

We didn’t get to experience the Spa, but it recently opened, so for parents looking to get some self-care scheduled while on holiday, Sea Breeze Beach House now offers some spa pampering.

Kids Club at Sea Breeze Beach House 

Sea Breeze Beach House
Sea Breeze Beach House/Anne Hatfield

Families feel right at home at Sea Breeze Beach House, and the Kids Club and Games Lounge are programmed with indoor and outdoor activities for children 4+. For children under 4, parent supervision is required in the Kids Club. The Kids Club itself is a bit dark and tired, but the new General Manager assured us that the Kids Club was going to be given a modern refresh in the coming weeks. 

Sea Breeze also offers in-room babysitting, which we took advantage of, and our children were happy as can be with the babysitters. We arrived back to the room to find them laughing and playing together like old pals. Most importantly, the babysitters made us feel safe, and like they genuinely enjoyed being with children. 

The Food at Sea Breeze Beach House 

Sea Breeze Beach House
Anne Hatfield

As for the food and drink, rest assured, there is a lot of it, and it’s quite good. The parents enjoyed made-to-order omelets for breakfast, and make-your-own salads for lunch, and the kids were happy with pancakes and pasta. Our most memorable meal was the seafood buffet at the Mahogany Lounge on the Saturday night of our arrival. We couldn’t believe our eyes. There was literally a boat filled with fresh fish! With children in tow, Mahogany Lounge is the best choice for dining; but admittingly, after eating there every day for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner, it starts to lose some of its initial appeal. We also tried Cerulean and Aqua Terra, and we were happier with the food at Mahogany. 

Who else is staying at Sea Breeze House? 

Lastly, we’ll end with something interesting that we didn’t know before our visit. Brits make up the largest percentage of travelers to Barbados every year, and that was certainly the case at Sea Breeze Beach Hotel, too. So, a trip to Barbados can give American families a 2-for-1 value in terms of cultural immersion as you get immersed in both Bajan and British culture. And if you come back saying “Hello, mate,” don’t say we didn’t warn you! 

If you’re looking for a more intimate destination to enjoy a family vacation, then we recommend booking a trip to Sea Breeze Beach Hotel in Barbados. And make sure you don’t miss the fresh fish buffet on Saturday evenings! 

Editor’s note: This trip was paid for by the destination, but all opinions belong to the writer.

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