Tired of Cooking? 5 Sweet Spots for Dinners To-Go

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Every parent knows – there are some nights when cooking dinner is just not an option. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to hit a greasy drive-thru to get some dinner in those hungry bellies. The next time you need to pick up dinner to-go, for any reason (including not wanting to do the dinner dishes!), stop by one of these five great places for a healthy, kid-friendly meal that you can enjoy at home.

1. Whole Foods MarketsVarious locations around Seattle and the Eastside
Without a doubt, if you need to make a quick stop to grab dinner for your hungry family after a long day or something to share for your preschool potluck (that you forgot about!) or lunch fixings for a trip to the park, Whole Foods is an excellent choice. All of the to-go food is in one area, so you can get in and out quickly. Plus, they have something for everyone – mom can grab a salad from the salad bar, a custom hot sandwich for dad and fresh mac n’ cheese or a slice of pizza for the kiddos. Before you know it, dinner is good to go!

2. Eat Local2400 Queen Anne Avenue N, Seattle (pictured)
It’s possible that you’ve been to the Queen Anne neighborhood and never noticed Eat Local – it’s tucked at the very north end of the strip of retail shops on the Ave, but trust us, once you discover this to-go gem, you’ll never miss it again! Eat Local is an entire shop filled with hand-made meals that are fresh and ready to be taken home to be heated up and devoured. Plus, Eat Local also stocks side dishes, soups, granola, jams, wine, and desserts. Eat Local also has a store in Burien (810 SW 151st Street) for families on the south end of Seattle.

3. Pasta and CoUniversity Village, 4622 – 26th Avenue NE, Seattle
The same brilliant minds behind Seattle’s beloved Beechers Handmade Cheese bring Seattle families the to-go favorite, Pasta and Co. Stop by Pasta and Co to pick up a dinner of fresh pasta, delicious pasta salads, fresh baguettes and the tastiest salad dressing in the city. They have everything you need to throw together a quick dinner on a busy day or some sides to go with whatever you already have planned. For the kids, grab one of the frozen penne dishes or a Beechers Mac n’ Cheese. For mom and dad, they also carry a nice selection of wine. Eastside families — don’t miss the Pasta and Co location in Bellevue (10218 NE Eighth Avenue), in the strip mall just across from Nordstrom.

4. Seattle Food TrucksVarious locations around Seattle
For the ultimate food to-go in Seattle, the hottest new way to grab a bite is at a food truck! There are so many family-friendly food truck options in Seattle that we couldn’t possibly list them all here, but we will tell you that at every food truck there is something to satisfy both hungry kids and parents. One of the newest food trucks on the scene is Snout and Co – order the black beans and rice for the little ones and one of their yummy Cajun-inspired dishes from the menu for yourself. Not sure where to find a food truck? Visit www.seattlefoodtruck.com to see which truck is where on any given day.

5. Mioposto3601 S McClellan Street, Seattle
Not only is this food to-go, but you don’t even have to get the kids out of the car to pick up a delicious and healthy meal at Mioposto – just call ahead or place your order online and then park in their curbside parking spot in front of the restaurant, where they’ll bring out your meal. Amazing, isn’t it? And, the menu will woo you just as much as the service – salads, pastas, wood-fired pizzas, calzones and more. You can even order breakfast to be picked up, which is the perfect solution to those truly lazy weekend mornings.

Where do you go to pick up a meal when cooking is out of the question?

— Katie Kavulla