Knock, Knock: 9 Must-Have Seattle Delivery Services

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Reasons you can’t leave the house to run the errands: The baby is still sleeping. It’s raining out. Your kids have more green snot dripping from their noses than you knew existed in the entire world. The Comcast guy is going to be there between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm. You can’t find your toddler’s left Croc. The only clean clothes in your closet is the suit you wore to your college graduation ceremony…12 years ago. It’s still raining. Sometimes, you just need someone to bring you something and surprisingly, you won’t have to dip into your kids’ piggy banks to cover the delivery fees to make it happen. Put these Seattle delivery services on speed dial, pin them to your secret Pinterest board, shout them from the rooftops of Facebook and print this article to laminate and post on your fridge. These are must-have, survival-mode sanity-savers for every Seattle parent.

1. Because… Nobody will know if you order two-dozen


Do we even need to explain why this is so fantastic? Cupcakes? Delivered to your front door? Well, only if you insist. (We do.) Trophy Cupcakes, a Seattle family favorite delivers their goodies in both Seattle and Bellevue. Perfect for eliminating one errand off of your birthday party to-do list or just because it’s Tuesday.

Details: Delivery every day of the week, except Sunday. $15 delivery fee applies, plus tax. Place your order online at by 4:00 pm to have your cupcakes delivered the next day. Choose from their everyday favorite flavors, including daily specials, or, pick from themed boxes, which are perfect for celebrations.

2. Because… You’re always running out


There is absolutely no worse way for a Seattle parent to start their day than by realizing that they are out of coffee… again. Local roasters — straight out of Bainbridge Island — Storyville Coffee Company, is the answer to every “I-was-up-all-night-with-a-teething-baby” parent’s prayers. (Psst! We hear they’re opening a pretty cool location at Pike Place Market soon!)

Details: Jump on the Storyville website to check out the Private Reserve Membership options. Choose from delivery every week or every other week. Shipping is free to Seattle and beyond.

3. Because… Babies deserve delivery too


You would absolutely love to make your baby fresh food at home, but considering you’re so sleep deprived that you can’t even remember if you own a food processor, let alone where it is in your kitchen, maybe you should let Garden Grow Organic Delivery take over. Available in first foods with single ingredients, such as Pure Pears, up to toddler favorites, like the tasty Pear and Blueberry Garden Grow Porriage, everything is made fresh, less than 24-hours before your order arrives on your porch.

Details: Visit the Garden Grow website to get started with your order. Orders for Tuesday deliveries must be placed by midnight on the Saturday before. Or, place your order by Tuesday at midnight for a Friday delivery. A $10 delivery fee will apply to orders under $35.

4. Because… You need that in bulk

You might want to sit down for this one. Genius Delivery will go to Costco for you and deliver it to your house. And, you don’t even have to have a Costco membership. Are you wondering why you’ve been battling the checkout lines and those monstrous, hard-to-push carts all this time? Yeah, us too.

Details: First, visit the Genius Delivery website to see what is available in your Seattle-area zip code. Next, fill your cart with whatever you need from Costco, Walmart and, coming soon, Whole Foods. You can shop from multiple stores in the same delivery session. Delivery fees are approximately $5-10, depending on your location and the stores you choose. Same day delivery requires that you place your order three-hours in advance.

5. Because… You have nothing to wear tonight

Some call it the Mothership. You may know it simply as Nordstrom. Either way, their same-day delivery service for Seattle and the Eastside can really come in handy when you just can’t handle taking the entire crew shopping with you. No matter how family-friendly Nordstrom stores may be, there are days when it’s just not going to happen.

Details: As long as what you’re swooning after is available in your local Seattle-area store, it will qualify for same-day delivery. Check out the entire listing of zip codes they deliver to on the Nordstrom website, then simply shop online like usual, choosing the same-day delivery option at checkout. Delivery will run you $15, a small price to pay to get those shoes that you need to wear on date night.

6. Because… You need to do something with that $500 Vitamix you bought on a whim


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that juicing is the new way to get your kiddos to take their daily dose of fruits and veggies. Mama juicing addicts? Meet Seattle Squeeze. They delivery a big, bountiful box of goodies to get you through an entire week of juicing and you can get to work decifering your juicer’s instruction book.

Details: Choose from a variety of juice-blend boxes, plus a weekly subscription plan, which start with as few as four-weeks of delivery. Deliveries arrive on your doorstep between 6 pm on Monday and 6 am on Tuesday each week.

7. Because… There’s no way you can fit three-dozen balloons in your car


Practically a Seattle institution, The Red Balloon Company will create and deliver balloons that will make your Pinterest followers crumple to their knees with birthday party decoration envy. Because really, every one of us has tried to stuff a dozen-too-many balloons into our car before… we know how that story ends. POP!

Details: Deliveries are available seven days a week. A minimum order of $45 applies, plus a delivery fee and a $10 online processing fee. Same day deliveries are often available, check out their website for specifics.

8. Because… There’s an app for that

Seattle’s newest delivery service, Postmates operates through an app on your phone, delivering everything and anything you might need — from late night Children’s Tylenol deliveries to a bowl of chili from Norm’s in Fremont — they have you covered… in under an hour.

Details: The app is free to download. Delivery fees begin at $5 and you pay for everything in advance, so there is no exchange of cash with your Postmate, which is what they call their delivery people. You can even track them on your phone as they grab your delivery and bring it to you.

9. Because… Those margaritas aren’t going to make themselves

You’ve heard rumors about beer, wine and liquor delivery services in the past, but thanks to Washington State’s strict laws, sadly, these businesses seem to disappear quicker than a mom can pop a cork on a bottle of white on a Friday night. We’re not sure why or how Downtown Spirits has made the cut, but we will certainly be taking advantage of their same-day delivery service while it’s around!

Details: Place your order online on the Downtown Spirits website before 3:00 pm for same-day delivery. $10 delivery fee applies and delivery must be received in-person by someone at least 21-years old with valid ID. In other words, your high school aged babysitter can’t sign for your bourbon.

Do you have any favorite Seattle delivery services or businesses that deliver? Share your favorites with us!

— Katie Kavulla

Photos via Kristina Moy, Katie Kavulla, Storyville Coffee Company Facebook pageGarden Grow Facebook page, Seattle Squeeze Facebook page, and Trophy Cupcakes