A New Year’s Nursery Makeover from Color in Space

Kids Deserve Color!

The New Year might mean new clothes and hairstyles for us grown-ups, but the kids need something fresh, too. Have you considered giving your kids’ living space a real makeover? Seattle’s Color in Space can help you do just that. Founded in 2005 by mom of three, Emily Lauderback, Emily’s background in education and her passion for empowering individuals is the mission behind Color in Space. Through Color in Space, you’ll walk away with a custom color palette for kids’ rooms for as little as $25–and RT readers save an additional $5 through March! Soon, you’ll even be able to order online. So, say goodbye to those pastel nursery colors–we love the bold and inviting Cottage palette. Just grab the kids, tuck Emily’s palette of swatches in your handbag and head out shopping. Using the Color in Space approach means that the twelve colors in the palette may be used as the roadmap for your children’s’ spaces–think bedroom, playroom and even decorative art for walls.  Don’t stop there — use them to guide the tile and accessories in kids’ bathrooms too!  The twelve colors complement each other and overall create a very harmonious atmosphere, and we can all use a little more harmony.

Seattle Kids Nursery

–Matina Fresenius


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