The Best Meals of 2012

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It goes without saying that the best meals of the year aren’t just about what was eaten. That’s important, no doubt. But great food doesn’t equal a great meal. What makes a meal is having good food, good atmosphere, good service plus the presence of best sort of company. People you adore. A great meal happens when everyone at the table is jazzed to be sitting and breaking bread with everyone else at the table. As a way to look back on 2012, Allison Austin Scheff of Seattle Magazine rounded up some of her favorite meals from the past year as well as the top picks by her coworkers. She writes:

So, because so much of my life is lived in restaurants, when I reflect back on the year, it’s the meals I think of first. The sushi dinner at Kappo Tamura with my daughter—the first time she’d ever sat at a grown-up sushi bar. The dinner with close friends at LloydMartin, when three of us shed tears over a deep loss and stayed until the place closed down. A meal at Cafe Juanita that was absolutely effortless—every possible need was taken care of, every bite of food was so delicious.

My birthday dinner at Bar del Corso, when my children behaved for almost two entire hours (miraculous!), and hello! The pizza was about perfect, the side dishes—braised pork and cranberry beans, a nicely bitter winter salad—even better. A solo meal at the bar in Portland at Woodsman Tavern—the chicken livers!—and an epic night of eating a few months prior, when friends and I had three successive dinners (also in Portland) over the course of six hours. The perfectly fresh, perfectly shucked oysters eaten at Elliott’s for birthdays and anniversaries, the perfect croissant that Ines Patisserie owner Nohra Belaid gave my daughter when she correctly pronounced “cwah-sannt.”

I could go on, but we might be here a while. Instead, my fellow Seattle mag editors share their Best Meals of 2012 below. Cheers to many more in the New Year!

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