FROST Doughnuts has been a Mill Creek favorite since it opened its doors in 2009, winning over kids and adults alike with its imaginative doughnut creations. But now, FROST has gone way beyond its namesake pastry and expanded into a whimsical dessert lounge, offering everything from cupcakes to cheesecakes to macarons and even frozen custard. Read on to find out why this sweet haven is not only worthy of the drive north, but also of a date night.

Decisions, Decisions…
After building their fan base on delicious specialty doughnuts like salted caramel and their famous giant Bacon Maple Bar, FROST decided it was time to take their desserts to the next level. As if it wasn’t already hard enough to pick just one tasty treat, their case is now full of mouth-watering cupcakes, cheesecakes, macarons, and soft serve frozen custards, in just as many inspired flavors as their doughnuts. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself next to your kiddos with your nose pressed up against the glass, trying to come up with a reason why they each get to pick one, and you get to pick three. If you’re able to plan ahead, you can check out FROST’s website to see the day’s flavors and attempt to narrow down your choices before you arrive.

Introducing the Dessert Lounge
Still located in the Mill Creek Town Center, FROST has moved to a larger location more suited for a menu of such heavenly magnitude. Creating a new “dessert lounge” concept, they’ve designed a welcoming, modern atmosphere that immediately delights when you walk in the door. With cushy benches, decorative lighting, and whimsical feel, it’s everything you could want in a dessert lounge (besides the dessert, obviously). Keeping families in mind, they’ve included a kid’s corner with a pint-sized table and small library of books, so mom and dad can have a few precious moments to savor their tasty treats.

Leave the Minis at Home
Taking their dessert lounge concept a step further, FROST is no longer just the perfect place for a morning doughnut or mid-day treat. Now with later hours (open ’til 10 p.m. every night), Frost is also a late night sugar-craving destination. Complete with a new list of local Washington wines, it’s the perfect place to have a Mom’s Night Out, or a last stop on the way back from date night, when you’re just not ready to go back home.

Giving Back, Okay?
When the FROST team realized their grand re-launch was the same date as the movie premiere of The Fault in Our Stars, the story of a 16-year-old cancer patient, they wanted to find a way to help kids whose lives are not always “okay.” Taking the popular “Okay, Okay?” line from the movie, they created special TFIOS cupcakes. $1 from every Okay, Okay?” cupcake sold goes straight to pediatric cancer research at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Cupcakes have never tasted sweeter!

The Icing on Top
You can easily argue that it’s always happy hour when you’re scarfing down a FROST creation. But to make yourself even happier, check out their Facebook page for official happy hour times with 25-50% off doughnuts, and $5 wines.

Want some delicious treats to be the centerpiece of your next birthday bash, wedding, or corporate celebration? FROST is happy to whip up custom orders that will tempt your guests’ willpower. Call or order online. Having just a small event? Save yourself the house cleaning and have it at FROST.

15217 Main St.
Mill Creek, Wa 98012
Online: or on Facebook

Hours: Mon.–Fri., 6 a.m.-10 p.m.; Sat.-Sun., 7 a.m.-10 p.m.

Have you been to the new Frost location? What’s your favorite item on the menu? Share with us in a comment below. 

-Angela Alanis, words and photos

FROST storefront image courtesy of Kelly Bowie at KCB Photography

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