Your Insider’s Guide to the Newest En-Gross-Ing Exhibit in Town

Even though they’re not supposed to, we all know kids love to make fun of the gross things the body does. That’s why the Pacific Science Center has embraced their impolite nature and brought the new Grossology exhibit to town. From an animatronic nose that shows what causes sniffers to flow, to a towering Burp Man who sips from a three-foot soda can until he pops, you’ll enjoy the rip-roaring laughter as your mini-jokesters discover the science behind the stinky, slimy, and offensive waste products of the human body. It’s learning at its grossest.

photo: Kristina Moy

Why so Gross?
Most kids turn up their noses when it comes to learning about the systems of body, but tell them they are going to explore where pee and poop come from and they’re all ears. Why? Because kids love gross things. This realization is what led best-selling author, Sylvia Branzei to write the Grossology book series that teaches kids science through yucky things. The popularity of her works have led to a Canadian animated television series, plus two all-amazing museum exhibitions currently on world tour. Be sure to check out the animatronic version of Her Grossness when entering the exhibit, and before leaving head over to the Let’s Play Grossology game where she tests visitors on all the disgusting facts they have learned.

photo: Rachael Brandon

What’s Inside
You might be wondering if your junior biologist is going to contract something vile on this outrageous expedition (we wondered that too), but despite every slimy, mushy, oozy, disgusting thing not discussed in polite society being put up for display, the actual gross stuff has been left for everyone’s imagination. Even the most squeamish kiddos will want to crawl and slide their way through the thirty-foot long replica of the digestive system, and there’s no shame in eagerly exploring the Vomit Center to discover why, and what goes on when we get sick. Since it’s all in the name of learning you will also find simple, cartoon-like graphics accompanying interesting Health Factoids displayed throughout the exhibit. These easy-to-read signs explain everything from why not to stick your finger in your nose, to why amusement park rides make us woozy. The important stuff, right?

photo: Kristina Moy

What Snot to Miss
It’s true, most kids will find everything about the Grossology exhibit to be pretty awesome, but there are some definite must-see features they will be begging to explore. Who wouldn’t want to take a trip through the enormous Tour Du Nose exhibit where you can delve into all of the major nasal features, then listen as the schnoz awakens and lets out a giant sneeze. Even grandma won’t be able to contain her giggle when hanging out at the Toot Toot station, where visitors explore the physics and vibrations that elicit those rude sounds. If you’ve got a climber on your hands, they’ll be up for scaling the Skin Climbing Wall using pimples, moles, wounds, warts, hairs and blemishes as foot holes and hands grips.

Your board game enthusiasts will rave over the table-sized replica of the famous Operation Game, where kids can learn about body parts by trying to remove them without touching the table sides. Watch as your sharp-shooter takes aim at the Up Your Nose game, where they launch pollen balls into a giant snout, and when they hit their target the green stuff comes oozing out. Another surprising adventures is the cool, virtual reality experience called Urine The Game that takes visitors on an exploration of how the kidneys remove waste from the blood. They will also love winning big with the Gas Attack pinball game, where players score off of bumpers displaying foods that cause flatulence. There’s so much excitement to be had, but the real take-away at the end of the day is that learning about the body can be fun… if you’re willing to go there.

photo: Rachael Brandon

The Details
Grossology is open at the Pacific Science Center and runs through Jan. 3, 2016. To find out more before you go, watch this video segment from Evening Magazine. (Psst! It features our Seattle editor’s little Grossologists). Admission to the exhibit is included with general admission prices, and is free for members.

photo: Rachael Brandon

Pacific Science Center
200 Second Ave. N.
Seattle, Wa 98109

Dates: Now through Jan. 3, 2016
Hours: Daily, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. (through Sept. 7, 2015)
Cost: $19.75/Adults; $14.75/Youth (6-15); $11.75/Kids (3-5); Free for members

Have you and your crew checked out this new Grossology exhibit? Tell us what you thought about it in the Comments below.

— Rachael Brandon


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