Having a long list of parks in your arsenal is a parenting must, especially during the long summer months. That’s why we’re super excited about Bothell’s newest (and coolest!) park. With a large playground, sand and water habitat, numerous paths and play spaces in the woods and a cool lookout tower, a visit to Miner’s Corner County Park may just jump to the top of your battle plans, er, list.

Slide, Swing and Spin
A first look at this awesome playground will have everyone in your crew excited to play—even mom and dad! There’s a variety of slides, some thrilling enough for bigger kids and some more suited for the Littles. There are two climbing walls, a lookout tower, and a modern merry-go-round for tots who love to get dizzy. Upon closer inspection, every nook and cranny is jam-packed with things to spin, climb, swing, and explore. Bells to ring and drums to play will inspire little musicians, and maybe make your nice pots and pans seem a little less endearing. You will also find the always-popular steering wheels and telescopes placed throughout the playground. And an added bonus: The park is covered with cushy rubber padding, keeping those awful woodchips to a minimum and the entire park is uniquely wheelchair accessible, including the 10-foot tall lookout tower.

Sandcastles and Dinosaurs
If your little tykes love to get their hands (and feet) dirty, grab your buckets and shovels and hit the cool sandbox. In addition to plenty of sandy space to play, your amateur archeologist can look for fossils. That’s right! A dinosaur fossil is just waiting to be uncovered! (Helpful Hint: The fossil is located in the stream by the Sand Trap). There’s also plenty of room to build the perfect sandcastle, and a couple of cranes to make kids feel like big time construction workers.

Getting Back to Nature
Miner’s Corner has embraced the surrounding wooded areas and streams, encouraging kids (and even adults!) to be creative with nature. Kids will feel like they’re deep in the forest with trails winding in and out of tall trees, logs to climb over, and bugs to discover. All the while, you won’t have to worry about potential lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) or other dangers lurking along the trail, as little explorers are visible from the playground.

Water Exploration
Like anything else with the potential to get wet and dirty, the water habitat is an enticing place for tots to play. It’s naturally changing ecosystem gives new opportunities to learn and explore, not to mention splash and soak mom or dad with a bucket from the sandbox. The water garden is up to a foot deep, potentially more depending on recent rainfall, so make sure to keep a close eye on smaller explorers, especially if they’re tempted to lean a little too far over the edge.

For Aspiring Athletes
If you have a budding Lebron James, the Sports Court has a full size high school basketball court perfect for a pick-up game or round of HORSE. Hoops not your thing? There are areas for an intense round of foursquare or even hopscotch. The spacious Sports Lawn is so brand spanking new that the grass still needs a bit more time to grow before it can open up to little feet. But when it does, it will be the perfect place for soccer, football, ultimate Frisbee, or even a family picnic.

Good to Know
1) Miner’s Corner is part of Snohomish County’s “Pack It In, Pack It Out” initiative, meaning there are no garbage cans in the park. Be prepared to take any empty snack bags or juice boxes home with you to throw away. The bathrooms are the exception, there are cans to toss your paper towels and stinky diapers.

2) Need a place for your summer gathering or next birthday bash? The large Picnic Shelter can be reserved, and is already complete with electricity and picnic tables, and can fit up to 50 guests.

3) If you think your little waterbug may get too excited about the water habitat, you may want to throw an extra shirt in your bag. Actually on second thought, throw in some extra pants and socks too!

Miner’s Corner County Park
22903 45th Ave. S.E.
Bothell, Wa 98021
Online: snohomishcountywa.gov/Facilities/Facility/Details/Miners-Corner-57

Will you be exploring Miner’s Corner Park this summer? Tell us about your experience a comment below. 

–Angela Alanis, words and photos

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