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You were feeling pretty smug when you managed to upload your family pics onto Facebook, weren’t you? But then everyone starting emailing videos and linking to their blogs and suddenly it’s like you’re back in fifth grade math class trying to figure out the radius of a circle with a ruler. Relax and stop chewing on that eraser. 84There’s a new team of tech-savvy tutors in town, ready to propel you to the top of your Web 2.0 class.

Media Mamas is comprised of four talented women willing to share their skills in video editing, online photography, blogging and more to help you better communicate with the world. Or at least your cousins in New Jersey.

They offer a variety of hands-on, half-day workshops located at select sites throughout Seattle. In Editing 101, you’ll learn how to take hours of your kiddos’ home videos and whittle them down into a short on your computer. In Blogging for Beginners, you’ll be introduced to a variety of software options and learn how to upload photos and video to your new blog. In the Photobooks workshop, you’ll walk out with a completed photo book or calendar, just in time for the holidays. Hmmm, might be time for a status update: The Next Scorsese or Perez Hilton, perhaps?

Media Mamas
Workshops, $45 -60
Next workshop: Editing 101 on Nov. 15