Pack Mule

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172You probably have one of those black wheelie suitcases (who doesn’t?); it’s practical, but has zero fun factor. Now that Junior’s old enough to have his own luggage, it’s your chance to put pizzazz back into family travel by heading to Clover boutique for colorful Sigikid kids’ gear. The German company Sigikid makes stuffed animals and dolls, but its best products are definitely cute backpacks, school bags and kid-sized wheelie suitcases. With colors such as hot pink and designs that include animals (bear, sheep, frogs) or little princesses, the bags are anything but boring. Clover owner Sarah Furstenberg is in the midst of reordering the backpacks, as they flew out the door before school started. But, last we checked, she still has a vibrant orange horsey suitcase, a blue pirate-themed one, and various other bright satchels. Take home the one that will bring a smile to your face in times of stress, because, as we all know too well, traveling these days can be a real pain in the arse.

Sigikid products at Clover:
School bags and small backpacks, $30
Large backpacks, $44
Suitcases, $74
5335 Ballard Ave NW