Running on Empathy

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79Have a baby. Gain some fat. Meet other moms who also have baby and fat. Start running together. Lose fat (hopefully). Make cool new friends. Such is the genesis of Mommy running groups, a growing trend (haven’t you seen them cruising through your ‘hood?), which has led to everything from blogs and products to increased participation in fun runs, marathons and triathlons. Joining the fray is a new line of greeting cards called Speed Play from Seattle-based Banana Blossom Press.

With a minimalist, clean design and messages that are both humorous and inspirational, these cards are perfect for any mom you know who can’t live without her daily sweat. One card says “stork + stroller” with the message: “congratulations on your new running partner.” Another says “errandsplaydatesrunbathtime” with the message: “it’s not easy but you do it.” Our fave is the card: “reason #5 — skinny jeans” with the message: “whatever your reason for working out, good for you”.

Co-founder Maria Millsap says the cards are meant to “inspire, connect, encourage and celebrate those who run, walk, train, for any athletic event, run marathons or push a baby stroller around the neighborhood.” Banana Blossom Press is also donating five percent of profits to organizations that benefit women’s health and well-being.

Speed Play greeting cards by Banana Blossom Press

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