Birthday Party Ideas for Every Little Boy in Seattle

“Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails, that’s what little boys are made of.” Of course, modern mothers know how different boys can be, but the classic rhyme hints at common motifs of boy birthday party themes.  From “creepy crawly” to “things that go,” we’ve rounded up our favorite venues by popular theme so whether your little guy is into bugs galore (much to your chagrin) or he’s crazy about dinos, one of these fun birthday party options is sure to delight and enchant.

“Things that Go” Parties
Do trains stop your little guy in his tracks? Then book your birthday bash at The Northwest Railway Museum. Located in Snoqualmie, Washington, the museum offers a Whistle Stop theme Birthday Party. Kids get to ride a train to Snoqualmie Falls and back, and the birthday boy gets to wear a complimentary engineer’s hat and all party goers get a railway-fun goodie bag.

Dinosaur Party
Got a paleontologist in the making? If so, the Seattle’s Pacific Science Center offers great dinosaur theme birthday parties every Saturday and Sunday. Kids get to look at different fossils and go on their own fossil hunt and assemble a dinosaur skeleton. Then parents should watch out for kids-turned-prehistoric-carnivore by way of a cool dinosaur mask art project. To top the party off, Pacific Science Center Staff will perform a Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Demonstration that makes ice cream the kids can actually eat. Sounds like a real treat! Insider tip: If your kiddo isn’t into dinos then the Pacific Science Center offers a variety of other themed birthday party packages including weird science, astronomy and a bugs and butterfly theme. 

Vrooom-Vrooom Party

What boy (or girl for that matter) doesn’t love the idea of driving? Take your kiddos this year to Traxx Racing in Mukilteo where kids ages three and older can get behind the wheel. Traxx offers a variety of party packages for each age set, which include helmets and race suits, use of their party room, driving time, and of course, driving and safety instruction. Party add ons range from a climbing wall to a velcro wall and a bouncy house.

Camp-Out Party
Whether you want to throw an overnight camp-out or a two-hour camp-themed boy birthday party, Camp Long in West Seattle is the perfect destination. The campgrounds feature 10 rustic cabins, each with six double beds. Take the kids on a hike or send them on a scavenger hunt.  Older kids might try scaling Schurman Rock.  Then skip the cake in favor of s’mores using roasted marshmallows browned to perfection over the campfire.

Another great option for a camp-out party is Vasa Park Resort on Lake Sammamish. Rent an RV or pitch tents for the kids to climb in.  Then take a dip at the Vasa Park beach or stop by the new playground for additional fun.

Creepy Crawly Parties

Lots of boys love bugs, and if yours is one of them, a birthday party at the Seattle Bug Safari might be just the thing. Home to more than fifty different species of insects, spiders, scorpions, millipedes, and centipedes, this live bug zoo will make your kids gasp in awe .  This boy party theme offers kids, ages 4 ­– 12, a great educational opportunity to get up-close-and-personal to creepy crawlers beyond the backyard variety.

If your boy is beyond bugs but spellbound by snakes and similar scaly critters, then invite the Reptile Man (photographed above) to your birthday party.  He’ll bring snakes, lizards, turtles, and a little alligator with him. Your Seattle kids can even pet them if they dare!

“We all scream for ice cream” Party
With four locations, Full Tilt Ice Cream offers birthday boys a day of ice cream and video games. You bring your own ipod, pinata and crafts, and Full Tilt provides a special flavor of the day. Seattle mama and advertising director, Laura Rodde warns that for those sugar-high adverse parents that the ice cream shop hands root beer, sprite and other sodas so if you don’t want your kid ingesting the fizzy drinks then be prepared ahead of time.

Space Party
Throw an out-of-this-world space theme party for your boy at the Pacific Science Center.  The science center staff will teach the kids all about planets and stars and help them build their very own rocket ships. The kids will even get to concoct “rocket fuel” that will send those rockets soaring!

Another idea for a space-themed birthday party is taking the kids to the Museum of Flight. Check out the exhibit, “Space: Exploring the New Frontier.” Kids will love seeing the cool lunar rover, an Apollo astronaut suit, as well as the full-size replica of the International Space Station’s Destiny Research Laboratory. Also, be sure not to miss the Kid’s Flight Zone, where kids can climb into cockpits and operate controls in various aircraft replicas. While the museum does not facilitate birthday parties, it welcomes group visits and offers discounted rates to groups of 10 or more. They also have private rooms for reservation or you can just bring the kids into the Café, where the kids can watch planes take off and land from the nearby Boeing Field. If you purchase lunch in the cafe (kids meals available), you are allowed to bring in your own cake.  Tip: On weekends, the Museum often has workshops for kids at 11:15 and 1:15 consisting of a craft and short lesson. Let them know in advance if you want to bring your group.

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