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185Braincandy, offering educational products for very young kids, makes learning sweet by helping children actively participate in “delicious” sensory experiences. The two-year-old media company, whose tagline is “Smart food for hungry little minds,” has a plethora of new goodies in the works. Its first product was the DVD Braincandy: My Five Senses, for kids six months to four years of age. Bruce Brain, a bright orange Muppet-like fellow, made frequent appearances in the 40-minute video, along with real children and other sense-specific characters such as Ivy Eyes and Ana Ear. The companion music CD for that video is just about to be released – it boasts reggae, classical, rock-a-billy, jazz and salsa tunes. Next up is the DVD Eyecandy: Can You See It?, followed by the Eyecandy music CD. Puppets, books and plush toys based on the sense characters are also on the docket for 2006. (Fingercandy, Mmmcandy, Earcandy and Nosecandy media products are slated for 2007.) Phew. It sounds like a lot of work for Braincandy co-founders John Dagnen and Sam Reich-Dagnen – but, ultimately, more delightful playtime for you and yours.

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