Have you ever tried to speak to someone over the phone with your toddler screaming in the background? Or tried to make that elusive deadline, but can’t focus on your work without being interrupted twenty times in an hour…by your child? Well, say hello to The Inc. Coworking + Playschool in West Seattle. It’s the newest answer to your wish of needing uninterrupted (quiet) time to work and a place for your sidekick to play. Read on for the scoop!

photo: Betty Rose Cortes

The Concept Behind This Brilliant Idea 
The Women’s Business Incubator launched The Inc. Community Coworking + Playschool in February 2017 in Green Lake with the mission to foster a positive, child-friendly workplace culture that would inspire connection, confidence and growth for parents at any stage of their career development or entrepreneurial journey. Created by mothers, the coworking concept originated with pop-up working events where moms who were transitioning back to work could come together to work and bring their children along to be cared for by nannies. What better way to stay motivated and accomplish tasks than with other like-minded women? As the demand has grown, so has the idea of regular occurring play and work spaces. Today, this model is the cornerstone of The Inc. Community Coworking + Playschool, a solution for parents needing a positive, child-friendly workplace with flexible and affordable child care.

Why The Inc. Rocks:
1. Parents get a break! The Inc. allows moms and dads to accomplish tasks (in a quiet coworking space) without having to juggle their children.

2. Kids get social interaction. For many parents, The Inc. is the first social experience for their children. And it goes beyond the typical play date at the park. The Inc. gives kids a chance to make real friends in an environment that fosters critical thinkers and collaborative partners of tomorrow.

3. Flexible schedules. Unlike other daycare institutions that penalize you for missing a day, parents can choose when and how often to come in and utilize the coworking space.

4. Affordable. The goal of The Inc. is to create childcare that is not only flexible, but affordable—and what parent doesn’t like to hear that? Childcare costs at The Inc. are nearly half that of traditional daycare tuition.

5. Just a room away. The Inc. holds its coworking spaces and play rooms in the same hall, which means parents can check in with their kids as needed without being too far away. The Inc. vibe feels very much like being at home with friends over, who are also working (or making needed phone calls), while your children play together in another room—supervised by an awesome educator.

6. Preschool teachers are educators. We’re talking about degrees, certifications and experience overseeing the development of your child while you work. A win-win for everyone!

7. Free coffee. Enough said.

photo: The Inc. Coworking + Playschool

Two Locations with Options
There’s more to the above general provisions for The Inc. Aside from building community with other members, the Green Lake and brand-new West Seattle location each offer different perks. Both coworking spaces are housed inside community churches, which are equipped with rooms that are perfect for Inc. parents and their kids. But here’s a breakdown of the differences:

Green Lake
The Inc. at Green Lake has multiple rooms for its growing community. There is the traditional coworking office, a meeting room (to make those important calls or to meet with other members) and a coffee-shop like room, where parents can drop in and have their children play at a reduced rate without a preschool teacher supervising their children. This CoWork + CoPlay Community Room is quite similar to going to your neighborhood Starbucks, but with a room full toys for kids to dig into rather than a room full of coffee.

The Green Lake location also has two rooms for kids. The toddler room is where children under three are supervised, and the preschool room is where children ages three and older learn about art, routine and other life and social skills. There is also an outdoor play area where kids can get their ya-ya’s out before nap time!

photo: The Inc. Coworking + Playschool

West Seattle
At the new West Seattle location, there is one coworking space and one play room for both toddlers and preschoolers. As the West Seattle community grows, they’ll be able to add a meeting room similar to Green Lake’s space and additional childcare rooms, including a possible infant room if there is a high need in the members’ community.

How It All Works
Here’s a breakdown on how you can be a part of The Inc.’s coworking community with flexible childcare:

1. Register as a member. Members pay $35 every quarter. What a steal!

2. Choose a bundle from their childcare packages. Options include 4-hour, 10-hour, 20-hour, 40-hour or 80-hour packages. And they’re good for the entire quarter.

3. Select the date you need to cowork. (After registering, you’ll be provided with credentials to book your time and space online.) Then, choose which location and how many hours you’ll be coworking as well as which rooms you’ll need—Coworking, Meeting Room or CoWork + CoPlay.

4. Show up, take your child to his or her teacher and then get to work (and get ‘er done in peace!).

photo: The Inc. Coworking + Playschool

Good to Know
Coworking spaces and childcare are available from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. during the week and closed on weekends. You can come and go during these hours.

There’s a two-hour minimum in the toddler room and three-hour minimum in the preschool room.

When teachers are out sick, there’s a back-up plan in place. Awesome nannies from Spilt Milk Nannies step in to ensure there’s always supervision when you cowork. Psst..they are vetted, trusted and amazing nannies!

Pack snacks, drinks, an extra changes of clothes and diapers for your kids. Parents will be responsible for changing soiled diapers.

All working fields are welcome at The Inc. Calligraphers? Check. Artists? Check. Stitchers? Check. The Inc. is happy to accommodate whatever you need, if space allows. And feel free to bring all the materials you need to get your work done.

At the Green Lake location, park inside St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church’s parking lot. The entrance is located in the back of the building.

At the West Seattle location, enter the main doors of St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church to find the closest entrance to The Inc.’s coworking space.

photo: Betty Rose Cortes

West Seattle’s Grand Opening Event!
Mark your calendars! On June 13, 2018, The Inc. is celebrating West Seattle’s new location with a free community event and everyone is welcome. Parents can tour the facility and meet members and kids can test out the play space and socialize with others. Food and beverages will be provided as you meet and mingle with board members and community vendors that support The Inc.’s mission. Find the event details here.

The Inc. Greenlake
Inside St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
111 N.E. 80th St.
Seattle, Wa 98115

The Inc. West Seattle
Inside St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church
3050 California Ave. S.W.
Seattle, Wa 98116

Online: theinccoworking.org/en
Hours: Mon.–Fri., 9 a.m.–1 p.m.

Drop-Ins – $12.50/hr
10-hour bundle – $120
20-hour bundle – $225
40-hour bundle – $425
80-hour bundle – $825

What other neighborhoods would you like to see a coworking and playschool in? Tell us in the comments below.

—Betty Rose Cortes


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