11 Secrets of LEGOLAND Florida Resort You Probably Don’t Know Yet

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It’s no surprise that you will find rides, a waterpark and stunning sculptures made of bricks, but we bet you didn’t know all of these secrets. We went to LEGOLAND‘s top secret headquarters to get the scoop on surprising things you may not know about this epic brick playground. Scroll down to learn more.

photo: Amber Guetebier

1. Minifigure Trading

When you’re packing your sunscreen and shorts, don’t forget to tuck in a few LEGO minifigures into your luggage. You can swap your guys with any of the ones that LEGOLAND Model Citizens (employees) have stuck to their brickplate name tags. Just be sure your figs are complete: they must have legs, body, both hands, heads and either a hair or hat. (Peglegs, hooks and robo-arms are acceptable). Just approach any Model Citizen and ask to trade!

photo: Chip Litherland Photography courtesy LEGOLAND Florida

2. Package Pick Up

The stores at LEGOLAND have one of the largest seleciton of LEGO and LEGOLAND Florida products in the world! There are a couple of bigger stores closer to the entrance of the park, but you can purchase from any of the shops throughout LEGOLAND and they will have your item(s) waiting for you when you are ready to leave. So you can buy that mega-awesome epic Death Star and not have to carry it around all day!

photo: Chip Litherland Photography courtesy LEGOLAND Florida

3. LEGO Dollars

Speaking of purchases, give the kids a set allowance and experience some cool tender by swapping out your boring old cash for LEGO Dollars at Guest Services. They are an even trade (dollar to dollar ratio) and it’s a cool way to make sure kids don’t blow all their birthday money on sodas and giant lollipops or other sweets.

photo:  Chip Litherland Photography courtesy LEGOLAND Florida

4. LEGOLAND Resort Was Cypress Gardens

The site that became the LEGOLAND Florida Resort in 2011 was once a place called Cypress Gardens, Florida’s first theme park. Rather than just build over it, LEGOLAND has integrated the historic landmark into the resort’s design. Not only does it have impressive botany like an 80 year-old banyan tree and a vintage gazebo, it makes a great, shady retreat from the rest of the park. You can see some of old-world Florida charm, and it’s like you are miles away from the rollercoasters and waterslides next door.

photo: Sean O’Shaugnessy via flickr 

5. The Pirate Show Is Upholding a Tradition

If you catch the performance in Pirate’s Cove, you’ll not only see a cool battle scene between LEGO soldiers and swarthy giant LEGO pirates, you’ll also be witnessing a time-honored tradition. Waterski shows, especially with tricks and jumps, have been held in this cover sine the 1940s. In fact, it’s the birthplace of many exciting jet ski tricks. 

photo: Benjamin Peacock courtesy LEGOLAND Florida 

6. LEGOLAND Is Autism Friendly

In early 2017 the park announced an initiative to create sensory-friendly experiences for all children and their families with provisions in place for guests on the autism spectrum. This includes a no-cost “Hero Pass” that allows groups to bypass the standby line at popular attractions, quiet rooms equipped with noise-cancelling headphones, weighted blankets, squishy toys and tables where kids can build with LEGO bricks as well as illustrated, step-by-step walkthroughs of rides and shows to give kids and caregivers an advance warning about loud noises, periods of darkness, bright lights or other overwhelming or potentially frightening aspects. All new hires to the park receive special training to learn how to interact with guests on the spectrum. Read more here.

 photo: Amber Guetebier 

7. Tot Spots

LEGOLAND has roller coasters and rides for big kids and plenty for the younger kids, too (like DUPLO Valley!) but sometimes you don’t want to “divide and conquer” the park. You want family time together! So LEGOLAND came up with a way to make that easier for families: right by the major big kid rides you’ll find tot spots: scaled down versions with the same theme for younger kids. 

photo: Chip Litherland Photography courtesy LEGOLAND

8. LEGOLAND Is Green

As you walk up to LEGOLAND Florida you’ll find a sea of shade structures: look closer! They are actually solar panels, 2-megawatts of them. In addition, park benches and garbage cans are made from recycled materials and they have a water-conservation initiative throughout the park.

9. Read All About It

Guests of the LEGOLAND Hotel and LEGOLAND Beach Resort are greeted with a newspaper made just for the kids: in the tradition of high-end hotels, the paper is delivered to your doorstep but this one—The LEGOLAND Times—is full of news the kids can use!

photo: Russell James courtesy LEGOLAND Florida 

10. Eat at the Hotel

Even if you are staying off site, any guest of LEGOLAND can eat at the LEGOLAND Hotel’s restaurant, Bricks. If you’re craving something more sit down than grab-and-go,  schedule time for a family meal!


photo: Amber Guetebier

11. Soft Brick Exclusive

You’ll see them in the pools, you’ll find them all over the water park: the flexible giant LEGO bricks that float. LEGOLAND is the only place you’ll find these babies, and no you can’t buy one to take home. Not unless you want to order them in bulk!! They are an exclusive, so enjoy them while you can!

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LEGOLAND Florida Resort
1 Legoland Way
Winter Haven, Fl
Online: legoland.com 

Have you been to LEGOLAND Florida Resort? Got any tips and tricks to share in the comments below? We’re all ears! 



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