Learn where to find discount LEGOLAND tickets and how to skip the lines for free

If you have a LEGO lover in your house, you need to plan your next family vacation in sunny Florida at LEGOLAND. You’ll enter a world filled with tradeable Minifigures, thrilling rides, and the best LEGO shopping in the world. So whether you want to find the best ticket price or the perfect LEGOLAND ride for a toddler, we’ve rounded up the top tips to plan the perfect family trip to LEGOLAND, Florida.   

How to save money on your LEGOLAND Florida vacation.

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Find Discount Tickets
Start by choosing a time of year when LEGOLAND offers discount vacation packages. It's the perfect way to save on almost every part of your theme park getaway. And you can try your local big box store (Costco or Sam's Club) for the best prices if you just need tickets. 

Brave Hurricane and Back-to-School Season
LEGOLAND offers the best discounts in September. Yes, it is hurricane season, but the park also provides excellent inclement weather policies. If you choose to brave hurricane season after everyone is back in school, make sure you buy travel insurance in case of bad weather. September discounts include vacation packages with resort deals and meals.  

Pro Tip: If you plan to combine your visit to LEGOLAND with other theme parks, such as Disney World or Universal, January is the best time for discount prices, cooler weather, and fewer crowds. 

Pack a lunch (and snacks)
Thankfully, LEGOLAND offers a generous food policy. But the rules are pretty specific. You are allowed soft-sided insulated bags no larger than 8.4' wide x 6" high x 6" deep. So lunch for your crew can stay within your budget. The Publix across the street has affordable food options for the whole family. 

Top tips for making the most out of your LEGOLAND Florida visit


Get the App
Before you even pack for your trip, download the LEGOLAND app. It has an interactive map to aid in exploring the park, a height guide for rides, directions, and even a car finder to help track where you've parked. Most importantly, the app lets you track ride wait times in real-time so you can skip the lines for free. You won't need to pay for FastTrack tickets if you follow the ride wait times on the app. You can get in line when the wait is short. The app is a must-have if you are willing to stay flexible with your schedule. 

Shopping Made Easy
You don't need to worry about buying the 3000-piece LEGO set while in the park. Since you'll be able to browse the most extensive collection of LEGO products in the world, the park makes it easy to shop all day. You can purchase from any of the shops throughout LEGOLAND, and they will have your goodies waiting for you when you are ready to leave.

Timesaver Hack: Start at the Back
Any seasoned theme park goer knows the lines by the entrance are often much longer just after the park opens. After you arrive and stop at the Height Check for an armband, walk straight to the back of the park to skip the early lines. Use the app to check wait times, too. 

Pro Tip: If your kids missed the height mark this visit, you could stop at the Heigh Check Center for an armband. It makes ride choices so much easier. 

Plan your day at LEGOLAND around the best rides. 

Chip Litherland for LEGOLAND Florida Resort

Best rides for toddlers
Start your day with the Grand Carousel, and when you plan how much time to spend on this ride, triple it. Your little one will ask to ride this double-decker carousel with moving LEGO horses and sensory-friendly sleighs at least five times. Then, take the DUPLO® train ride around the city, where LEGO characters are fishing and enjoying family time. These LEGOLAND rides are perfect for toddlers. 

Best rides for big kids
Experience a dark castle, a massive dragon, and indoor and outdoor roller coaster fun when you ride The Dragon. And no LEGOLAND trip would be complete without a ride on The Great LEGO Race. The high-speed rollercoaster features a 50-foot drop and a lot of fun for the thrillseeker in your crew. Remember to check out the view of the lake at the very top of the ride. 

Pro Tip: LEGOLAND offers Parent Swapping when one child in your group doesn't meet the height requirement of a ride. Each parent gets a chance to ride; just ask.      

Sensory-friendly options
Don't forget the no-cost "Hero Pass" that allows you to skip lines or wait in quiet rooms equipped with noise-canceling headphones. In addition, the park stocks weighted blankets, squishy toys, and tables where kids can build with LEGO bricks. Finally, ask for one of the illustrated, step-by-step walkthroughs of rides and shows with loud noises, periods of darkness, bright lights, or other overwhelming or potentially frightening aspects.

Find the best hotels near LEGOLAND


Where to stay
You'll want to choose one of three LEGOLAND hotels or you'll have to drive a bit further each day to stay at an Orlando-based budget hotel option. Unlike Disney World or Universal, the local hotel and rental options are limited. However, the LEGOLAND hotel room rates and vacation packages are reasonable, especially during a discount period. The nearby major hotel chains might be the best option if you have hotel points.    

Did you know?
LEGOLAND Florida offers all-inclusive vacation packages. In other words, you don't have to plan anything other than how you get there. The packages include everything from meals and accommodations to nightly scavenger hunts with LEGO souvenirs and photo memory packages. 

Plan Ahead: Trade Minifigures at LEGOLAND


You can bring minifigs from home or build your own at the stop just inside the entrance of the park. Model Citizens (park staff) throughout LEGOLAND wear lanyards with tradable Minifigures. It's almost like a scavenger hunt that only ends when you stop trading. 

LEGOLAND Florida Resort
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