After the mini ghosts and goblins have eaten their share of trick-or-treating treasures the real question remains: what will you do with the pile of candy left after the big night? Before you find your fingers sneaking stealth-like into their bucket, take a peek at the 11 ideas we’ve found to put all that sugar to good use. Your waistline and your kid’s teeth will thank you.


photo: Jen Kossovan via Mama. Papa. Bubba.

1. Create art with candy. Skittles… taste the Rainbow. Or make a rainbow with Skittle paint. Bright colors, sweet smells and a lot of smiles come out of this clever candy project we spotted over at Mama. Papa. Bubba.


photo: Dayna Abraham via Lemon Lime Adventures

2. Feed curiosity with candy. Unload a few of those pesky pumpkin candies that seem to make their way down to the bottom of the bucket by joining mama Dayna Abraham of Lemon Lime Adventures for a simple science experiment. It’s as easy as grabbing a few drinking glasses, paper and curious kiddos.


photo: Sommy Rhee

3. Have a fun math lesson by teaching the kids the art of estimation. Guess how much candy is in the jar? It can be a fun ice-breaker at a birthday party, too. The winner gets to take home the whole jar.


photo: Gabby Cullen

4. Give it to the Switch Witch. Encourage the kids to give up some of the candy by coaxing them into making an offering to the Switch Witch.



photo: Gabby Cullen

5. Prep your party piñata. Yay for party planning! Halloween is the perfect time to stock up on the candy you’ll be looking for when the birthday season picks up. Stash a pile of the good stuff and save for down the road. Want to know how to make your own piñata? Grab the how-to here.


photo: Sommy Rhee

6. Spice up family movie night. Add M&Ms, candy corn, Nerds, malted milk balls or other small sweets to your popcorn to come up with a unique trail mix.  

photo: Randalyn Hill via Unsplash

7. Save supplies for holiday gingerbread houses. Pick out the best decorative candy from the bunch and save it for the gingerbread house-making sessions that will probably be happening a few weeks from now. We love the idea of Dum Dums being used as entrance lanterns, nerds being used as the gravel walkway, and various chocolate bars being formed into furniture.



8. Let the kids sell it back. Taking extra loot to a national buyback program will not only relieve them of too much sugar, but kids will also feel good knowing their donation will allow U.S. troops overseas to get their fill of the Halloween spirit, too. Find a buyback program near you.


photo: courtesy

9. Use it up during your next dinner party. Gather up all the Crunch bars you can find and save them for your next dinner party. With just a little prep and a great recipe found over at, you’ll be dishing up dessert with an added crispy shell. Want to know why leftover balloons will come in handy? Hop on over to for the entire tutorial.


photo: Trisha Stanley via Inspiration Laboratories

10. Balance out sugar with science! For every M&M they eat, they can add one to the scale, while you talk about equal parts and balancing acts. Making your own version of this experiment is as easy as entering Inspiration Laboratories and getting the complete tutorial.

— Sommy Rhee & Gabby Cullen




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