Skip the movies tonight and gather around the flashlight for some amazing shadow play, the perfect way to wind down before bedtime.

The Delightful Dove
This classic dove is easy for all ages. Bring your hands together and intertwine your thumbs. Flutter your fingers to recreate flight. Get your whole family around your light source to get a flock of birds flying into the air!

photo: rawbin underwater via flickr

The Swimming Swan
The swan shadow puppet is amazingly interactive. To create the head, raise one arm (bent at the elbow) and bring your fingertips together until they all touch your thumb. Spread out your fingers on the other hand and press it against your arm to make the swan’s tail feathers. Watch the video below to see how to get your swan to ruffle its feathers and eat blades of grass.

The Perched Parrot
This shadow puppet is definitely the most complicated of the three. Create the area where your birdie sits with your left hand by pointing all fingers, except the index and thumb, towards the floor. With your right hand, create a loose fist and extend the middle finger. Curl the index finger to create the head and then prop your right-hand on top of your left.

What a Wonderful World
See exactly how wonderful and intricate shadow play can get with this amazing video below:


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