Shawn Johnson East Announces Second Pregnancy to Parents In Sweet, Snowy Way

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Olympian Shawn Johnson East and hubby former NFL player Andrew East recently shared their baby news reveal with the world! The couple, who are expecting their second child later in 2021, took to YouTube with a behind the scenes look at their sweet (and completely comical) family baby announcement idea.

There’s no end to the creative pregnancy announcement ideas online. When Johnson East and her husband wanted to share their baby joy with the East fam, the couple explored some of the more humorous options. After nixing the idea of a literal bun in the oven, East decided to put together a family photo portrait reveal.

The soon-to-be second time dad devised a plan that involved his parents, sisters and their families. In a perfect world, the entire extended family would gather together, smile sweetly, and get a surprise when the pair announced the pregnancy. Even though this sounded like a workable idea, reality struck. With kids who wouldn’t stand still and scheduling issues, the photo idea never happened.

This left the couple on the hunt for another pregnancy reveal idea. Johnson East was ready to spill the secret without any fanfare—but her hubby wouldn’t give up on the idea of a creative announcement.

Instead of a fam photo, East built four snow people: Dad, mom, older sib, and a new baby. He hid the baby snow person until the just-right time. Of course, everyone in the East clan was elated at the announcement. To see the full reveal, and everything leading up to it, watch the couple’s YouTube video here.

Johnson East also posted a YouTube video of her parents’ reaction to the baby news. Watch the hilarious clip here.

—Erica Loop

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