Why Is Pregnant Shay Mitchell Wearing Diapers?

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Earlier in the summer, actress Shay Mitchell revealed her baby joy. In a wild Power Rangers-packed video, Mitchell and boyfriend Matte Babel told the world they’re having a girl! Now Mitchell is telling the world something else—that she wears diapers.

We’ve all been there. The growing baby in your belly presses on your bladder all day and night. That means you need to pee 24-7. When Mitchell couldn’t take the near-constant stream of bathroom breaks, she got creative.

The mama-to-be ditched her normal undergarments, swapping them for adult diapers. In a YouTube vide, she shared her diaper secret with her friends, saying, “So you want to see something?” That’s when the actress showed off her “full-on diaper.”

Mitchell explained her choice, saying, “Okay, because it gets so annoying having to go to the bathroom all the time.” She added, “You know, I’m having to pee way too much. It’s just like, I’m over it.”

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Shay Mitchell via YouTube



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