You encourage your kids to always shoot for the stars. Keep them aiming high with a project that’ll send their imaginations and creativity soaring. With just a handful of supplies we bet you already have at home and five simple steps, your afternoon is guaranteed to shine bright. Read on for the step-by-step instructions.


What You’ll Need:

Popsicle craft sticks (we bought already colored ones but plain work fine, too)

Glue and/or tape

Streamers (you can sub in tissue paper)




Step one: Pick out five popsicle sticks and glue them into a shape of a star. Once your star is put together you’ll want to let the glue dry so leave it be for about 10 minutes. We know it’s hard not to touch it but it’ll be well worth it!

Step two: Cut your streamers. The longer the streamer the more it will flap in the wind. We cut ours about two feet long and used about six streamers per star.

Step three: Glue or tape your streamers to one side of your star. Remember, you’ll want your star to be totally dry and glued together properly before you embark on this step.

Step four: If you’d like to hang your star either as an ornament or around the house cut a piece of string and tie it around the star.

Step five: Run wild with your shooting star!

Show us your creations on Instagram by tagging #RedTricycle! What do you think of this craft? Will you make it to celebrate Shooting Star Day?

Thank you to the blog Happiness is Homemade for the crafternoon inspo. Copy by Erin Lem and photos by Mandy Hale and Erin Lem.

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