Faster than a speeding bullet! Craftier than Martha Stewart! Blast into fun and creativity by taking a page from your kiddo’s favorite comic book, and everyone can be a superhero for the day. With a few extra items added to your next supply run, you can make a no-sew cape in as much time as it takes to save the world— at least, one they’ve created—a single afternoon. Scroll down for the easy how-to, and your littles will be flying high in no time.

You Will Need

1. 1 pillowcase

2. 1 sheet of Kuni sticky-back felt (any color) for superhero logo

3. 1 sheet of Kuni felt (any color) for superhero logo

4. Superhero Logo Template

5. Ribbon

6. Scissors

7. Hot glue gun (parental supervision required)

7. Glue sticks

9. Sharpie Marker

10. Jewels (optional)

Creating the Cape

1. Cut the pillowcase in half. We used a new jersey pillowcase because the fabric is so soft, but even an old one will do the trick. Look for the folded end, because, once cut, this will be a perfect place to insert ribbon. Tip: If you are going to use new material, iron out all the folds in the fabric before starting.

2. Roll out and measure the ribbon so there’s enough to thread through and hang from your superhero’s shoulders.

Design the Superhero Emblem

1. Print out a lightning bolt, or any other fun superhero template for tracing. (We love the simple ones from A Beautiful Mess and Vanilla Joy).

2. Trace the lightening bolt with your marker, then cut out the shape. Any yellow felt will do, but we used Kuni brand with sticky backing for extra thickness.

3. Cut out a circle from another sheet of felt (different color).

4. Hot glue the circle in the middle of the back of the cape. Pick a spot and stick with it, hot glue sets in a flash!

5. Place and secure the logo in the middle of the circle with hot glue.


3. Roll out and measure a length of ribbon for the seam along bottom of the cape and then hot glue the ribbon to the edge— this will help to keep the cape in action during play time.

6. Bonus Step: If your superhero loves a little sparkle, now is the time to add jewels!

Finish the Cape

1. Take the length of ribbon and thread it through the hole created in the folded top of the pillowcase. It should be long enough to drape around your little superhero’s shoulders.

2. Go outside and save the day!

Will you make one of these super simple superhero capes? Share with us in the comments below.

— Photos and copy by Gabby Cullen


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