Fall Back Hacks: Genius Sleep Solutions for Kids to Survive the Time Change

On November 6th at 2:00am, Daylight Saving Time officially ends. While gaining an hour of sleep is definitely worth getting excited (and beats “Spring Forward” ), it can still throw a wrench into kiddos’ schedules. Having  a healthy bedtime routine is our first line of defense, but for backup, we’re leaning on these genius sleep solutions for kids to help them (and you!) survive the time change.

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folded purple weighted blanket
Bed Bath & Beyond

Therapedic Nubby Reversible 6lb Weighted Throw Blanket

$100 BUY NOW

Weighted blankets aren't new inventions, but a kiddo-specific weighted blanket like this one combines the benefits of calming weight with soft nubby fabric and cool kids colors! They'll be relaxed in no time.


Sleep Mask Pink Bunny


The sun coming up earlier means kids are ready to rise and shine earlier and, well, we're not. Keep their circadian rhythm consistent with this super soft sleep mask! This is a super fast and easy sleep solution that can solve so many nighttime issues.

product image of children's alarm clock

Kids Touch Night Light Dual Alarm Clock


With the option to record alarm ringtones, a touch sensor, wake-up light, nightlight, Bluetooth, and sleep sound machine capabilities, this amped-up alarm clock helps teach little ones to tell time (and helps you to teach them when official sleep and wake-up times are)!

product image personal humidifier

Personal Evaporative Air Cooler & Humidifier


This little gadget cools the air, humidifies, and cleans dust particles, allowing your kiddos to breathe easy and sleep comfortably!


Deep Relax Sleep Mist


Aromatherapy isn't just for adults, and this blend of vetiver, chamomile, and sandalwood calms little minds and promotes relaxation. Spray it over linens or throughout the room to set the scented sleep scene! (It's also vegan, nut-free, and doesn't contain parabens, or sodium laureth sulfate, so you can feel good about using it around your family.)

plush lamb sound machine
Fat Brain Toys

Lamb Plush Sound Sleeper


Even the littlest of your littles may struggle with the time change, and this crib-friendly plush sound machine produces soothing light, sounds, and even has a cry sensor that switches on to soothe your kiddo automatically!

projector displaying northern lights on a room ceiling

Northern Lights Projector


If your kids are the fully-immersive types, this northern lights projector fills the room with dreamy hues and relaxing sounds to make their bedroom a true sleep retreat!

light up cloud-shaped system indicating bedtime routine

Lumalou Better Bedtime Routine System


This wall-mounted system helps keep kids on-task at bedtime with light-up images that guide your sleepyhead through their nighttime routine! You customize it through the phone app, and with light color indicators to signal sleep and awake times, this sleep solution means nighttime routines have never been easier.


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