There’s even an edible recipe on our list!

It wiggles, jiggles, and entertains your kiddos endlessly. It’s slime—and your child can’t get enough of this ooey, gooey sensory material. From the basic building blocks and rad recipes to awesome explorations that glow, puff, fluff, and more, check out the slime videos for kids that your science-loving littles will watch constantly.

Super-Easy Slime

Is this your first time making slime? Don’t stress over the recipe. You don’t have to figure out ratios of ingredients or mixing times by yourself. Check out this easy peasy slime video tutorial from Courtney Wohl—for beginners!

Basic Slime with Add-Ins

WhatsUpMoms brings you a Borax-free slime recipe that you can add almost anything into. This slime seriously stretches and is completely easy to customize.

Giant Slime

Mary and Izzy of Life with Brothers have more glue than you could imagine. Watch and see what happens when these two creative kids mix every bottle and jug they have in arm’s reach.

Non-Toxic Slime

While your kiddos can’t eat this ooey-gooey recipe, it is safer to play with. Crazy Kool’s video recipe details the entire process, including the not-so-toxic materials you’ll need.

More Borax-Free Slime

If you don’t feel comfortable adding this cleaning product to your slime recipe, check out this pantry pick-packed option!

Mystery Wheel of Slime

Yes, this video is exactly what the name sounds like. EvanTube HD’s mystery wheel of slime challenge shows what happens when you add random ingredients to a favorite slime recipe. Along with plenty of glitter glue, this duo also mixes in cereal, popcorn, and more.

Make Slime in the Microwave

AmazingStuff’s microwave slime uses kitchen-friendly picks. This recipe is ideal for sensory explorations or concerns about slime safety.

Fluffy Slime

Gillian Bower’s Borax-packed slime is like a dreamy little cloud. This video can help you to make fluffy, puffy slime in a rainbow of colors. You can also learn how to make a textured fluffy slime that feels as amazingly awesome as it looks.

Glow-in-the-Dark Slime

Mister C from Learning Science Is Fun gives a detailed description of how to make glowing slime! This Borax recipe is an awesome exploration for older kids and tweens.

More Glowing Slime

Gross Science’s glow paint slime video can help older kids learn more about the science behind this type of rad recipe.

Let SIRI Pick the Slime

Karina and Ronald of Sis vs Bro let SIRI pick the ingredients for their latest batch of slime. While you might not want to dry the exact recipe in the clip, the SIRI challenge will give your kiddos the giggles!

Glitter Slime


Melissa Swigart’s glitter slime recipe can help you whip up batches of shining fun—and you’ll only need to use three ingredients. To find out what the big three mix-ins are, check out the YouTube tutorial.

The Wrong Milk

Is it milk or glue? This hilarious challenge from Life with Brothers gives Mary and Izzy choices that may, or may not, make their slime recipes better.

Unicorn Slime

Your littles are into everything unicorn. Don’t let the rainbow-filled fun stop now. Amy Locurto’s rainbow unicorn slime is everything your kids could imagine and so much more.

Blindfolded Slime Challenge

What would happen if your kiddos tried to mix a batch of slime blindfolded? In this hilarious clip, you’ll get an answer. 


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