In an ongoing effort to help parents and caregivers model strength for children and raise leaders who are empathetic, Slumberkins has released a brand new creature and book. Meet Ibex, who shows children that “toughness comes in even the softest of forms.”

The sweet and cuddly creature was born with a big heart and he feels things strongly. Even in spite of hardships, Ibex demonstrates how he becomes resilient, not hard-hearted when things become tough.

Ibex’s main message is to help littles embrace their deep feelings and understand that being sensitive is not something to be ashamed of, or hide away! He joins many other Slumberkins that teach about family bonding, emotional well being, conflict resolution, authenticity, gratitude and more.

Parents can purchase the Ibex Snuggler Emotional Courage Collection for $44 or the stand alone book for $10.

––Karly Wood

Photos: Courtesy of Slumberkins



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