How many times have you bought an app for your mobile device only to be dismayed that it’s not what you wanted? With thousands of kids apps out there, it’s hard to tell which ones are great. Well, thanks to our friends at Smart Apps Kids, the tedious task of trying to find family and kids apps just got very simple. Smart Apps Kids provides reviews for a variety of educational, free, and downright fun apps so you don’t have to worry about which apps are right for your family.

The mission of Smart Apps Kids is to be the most reliable and complete source for parents and educators who are looking for info on an app before a purchase. While most kids’ apps review sites only publish positive reviews, Smart Apps for Kids also posts negative reviews as well to help parents find the most accurate information they are looking for.

We love using Smart Apps Kids to find the best ipad and ipod apps for our kids and we definitely think you should check them out (whether you’re in the market to purchase an app or not).

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