A lot of parenting is timeless, but baby supplies and tech just keep getting better

Whether you’re a brand new parent or a few years in, we’re constantly on the lookout for baby supplies to make everyday tasks easier. Anything that gives us time back for ourselves and allows us to be more present for our families is a win in our books, so we’ve brought you our list of some of the best tech for babies out there that does all that and more! This is the gear that you might not even know you needed, but these baby supplies and tech is about to change your life.

eufy S340 Smart Sock Bundle


Baby monitors have come a long way, and the Smart Sock Bundle from eufy proves it. You get alerts when your babe is awake or fussy both through your phone and through the included base. The Smart Sock keeps track of your baby's real-time sleep data, including heart rate, sleep status and movements, and provides daily sleep reports—all without having to pay a monthly fee. Plus, the 2K resolution camera allows you to check on your little one anytime. eufy S340 Smart Sock Bundle ($449.98)—Buy Here!

Baby Brezza Pro Advanced Formula Mixer

Baby Brezza formula mixer machine
Baby Brezza

Imagine this: a fresh bottle of formula with no measuring, no mixing, no problem. Sound good? The Baby Brezza mixes formula and water with the tap of a button with fully customizable sizes from 2-10oz, three heat settings, and a water-only dispensing feature. It works with virtually all brands of baby formula and all bottle designs. Over 8,000 reviews rate the Baby Brezza 4.5 out of 5 stars. Baby Brezza Pro Advanced Formula Mixer ($177.06)—Buy Here!

Baby Brezza Smart Soothing Mat


Designed by a maternity nurse and baby crying expert, the Baby Brezza Smart Soothing Mat is the only one of its kind that mimics the sounds and motions of the womb, which turns on your little one's self-soothing and sleep impulse. Use the free app to operate via Bluetooth and customize the Soothing Mat's settings. Plus, it's light and portable, so you'll never have to be without. Baby Brezza Smart Soothing Mat ($99.99) Buy Here!

babymoov Duo Meal 6-in-1 Food Prep System


We love the idea of prepping our own baby food, but it can be extremely time consuming. This system steams and blends simultaneously to make up to 9 cups of food and 25 meals. babymoov Duo Meal 6-in-1 Food Prep System ($157.89) Buy Here!

The First Years Rain Shower & Baby Spa Tub

Rain shower and baby spa tub
The First Years

This is a level of baby bathing we not-so-secretly would love for ourselves, too. The rotating shower arm plus soft-feel sling cradle your wee one and can be removed as they grow. The handheld shower head gives you full control and offers a massage to soothe and calm little ones. The First Years Rain Shower & Baby Spa Tub ($69.99) Buy Here!

Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System

Nanit Pro Monitoring System

The Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System includes everything you could possibly need to monitor your infant's every move. Including the pro camera, wall mount, portable multi-stand, small sensor-free breathing band, and Smart Sheet to track growth! It also includes two-way audio, and the split-screen feature allows you to to see and control more than one camera simultaneously in-app. Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System ($343.90) Buy Here!

TruBliss Evi Smart Bassinet


This bassinet does it all. No, seriously. From ambient light, to sounds, to rocking, to even connecting to Alexa, Google Home, or the app, it does it all. TruBliss Evi Smart Bassinet ($399.99)—Buy Here!

Tiny Traveler Portable Video Car Baby Monitoring System

Car video baby monitor
Tiny Traveler

We've bought more than one of those backseat mirrors and honestly, we just don't love them. This car baby monitoring system takes car safety to the next level. With up to 4 hours of battery life, night vision, and split-screen monitoring, you'll wonder how you lived without it. Tiny Traveler Portable Video Car Baby Monitoring System ($269.99)—Buy Here!

Smart Weigh Comfort Baby Scale

Smart weigh baby scale
Smart Weigh

One of the most important indicators of baby's health is their weight, and this smart digital scale lets you stay on top of it! It's perfectly designed for your little one and offers a 44lb. capacity. Almost 3,000 Amazon reviews rate it 4.3 stars, so you'll feel good adding it to your baby supply list. Smart Weigh Comfort Baby Scale (34.99)—Buy Here!

BlueSmart mia2 Intelligent Baby Feeding Monitor


You may have been keeping track of your little one's feedings using a notebook by the rocking chair, or trying to rely on your memory (hello, Mom Brain), but this Intelligent Baby Feeding Monitor takes all that off your plate. It automatically records feeding portions using its baby-safe silicon sleeve that fits on almost any regularly-shaped bottle and syncs to the BlueSmart Baby Tracker App. BlueSmart mia2 Intelligent Baby Feeding Monitor ($99.99)—Buy Here!

Portable UV Light Sanitizer Box


In less than a minute, this portable sterilizer kills up to 99% of bacteria and viruses on pacifiers and bottle nipples, no matter where you are. Portable UV Light Sanitizer Box ($23.98)—Buy Here!

MOBI Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer


Never wake a sleeping kiddo again to check their temperature with this infrared thermometer! Fast and accurate 1-second readings mean no fuss at all. MOBI Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer ($8.44)—Buy Here!

Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet

Sense2Snooze Smart Bassinet

The noise detection on the Sense2Snooze Bassinet responds to baby's cries and adjusts soothing settings like motion and sound to gently encourage them back to sleep. It also includes dimmable lighting and built-in wheels so you can relax them in any room of the house. Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet ($319.97)—Buy Here!

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