This ‘SNL’ Macy’s Ad Parody Is Every Parent Dressing Their Kid for the Holidays

This SNL Macy’s Ad parody should be required yearly holiday viewing

You’re not the only parent dreading holiday outfit season—and Saturday Night Live is here to prove it. In this classic short, which should be required viewing by moms and dads every year, SNL parodies a Macy’s Christmas clothing sale commercial, revealing what everyone really thinks about those not-so-comfy kids’ clothes—and maybe about their spouses, too. This one’s NSFK (Not Safe for Kids) so watch it when you’ve got 2 minutes to yourself. LOL.

While you’re at it, keep the SNL hits coming with viewings of “I Got a Robe,” the forever mom holiday anthem, and the “Best Christmas Ever” skit, in which Matt Damon and Cecily Strong flashback to the hot mess that was their supposedly “perfect” and “magical” day.

After opening with men’s blazers and women’s cashmere sweaters, the faux ad kicks up the comedy as the voiceover says, “And for your little ones, Macy’s has the best of fashions that will have them saying…” Here’s where the cute kiddos go full-on into pure Christmas-time tantrums. One little girl stomps up and down, shouting, “It’s too hot!” A boy snarks, “It itches,” and a baby—well, the half-dressed tot just cries (how we feel this in our bones).

The mock-mercial previews just about every rewarding experience that awaits you, including, “wrestling your wiggly little monster into winter clothes” and “Merino sweaters that won’t fit over his head.” The parody goes on to advertise “hard, shiny shoes that hurt,” “all holiday rompers she’ll never get off in time,” “kids’ jackets so big and thick, they won’t fit in their car seats anymore,” “snow boots that are so hard to put on it will strain your marriage,” and, of course, “shirts with the wrong Frozen princess.”

If you’re in the heat of the holiday hustle, we suggest that you take a break and watch this so you can laugh-cry about the fun, festive tradition.


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