You just found out you’re pregnant and you’re busy trying to navigate through the steady stream of emotions you feel daily. We want to make sure that exuberant joy and excitement are topping your list. Sure, you may feel slightly nauseous or a bit tired, but guess what? Being pregnant in America’s Finest City comes with tons of benefits. We’ve ten great reasons to make you feel lucky that you’re a mom-to-be living in San Diego.

Photo: Thomas Pompernigg via Flickr Creative Commons

1. Stay Healthy and Strong
Fitness-crazed San Diego certainly isn’t lacking when it comes to class exercise options, so it’s no surprise that our health conscious city offers specialized classes made specifically for pregnant women, like L.A.-based chain WundaBar Pilates. Also try one of the many maternity yoga classes offered at studios like Yoga Jai Mai and Hapa Yoga.

2. Capture the Moment
There are so many amazing photographers in San Diego to capture your pregnancy and then move right on into taking your family photos once baby arrives. Some of our favorites (and those who specialize in babies and birth photography) include Christy Wallis Photography, Captured By Carrie, and The Leo Loves.

3. Defy Gravity
If you haven’t noticed yet, growing a new life can really heat things up! You can find a slew of places to escape gravity and cool down. If the ocean isn’t your cup of tea, try one of the city’s many coves, lagoons, lakes, or pools and swim (or float!) until your heart’s content.

Photo: Beaming’s Facebook Page

4. Healthy Living Is Fully Embraced
Your maternal instinct kicks in as soon as you see that plus sign. Instantly you become acutely aware of what you’re putting into your body and you know that you want it to be healthy and fresh. From specialty places like Beaming with locations in Del Mar and La Jolla to weekly farmer’s markets throughout the county, you’ll have no problem finding healthy options for you and your growing baby.

5. Massage
Sharing your body with another human means that your body may need a little extra TLC every so often. Luckily there are plenty of places that specialize in pre-natal relaxation. Our favorites include Equilibrio Massage, Healing Kai and Holistic Zen.

6. It’s Almost Always 72 Degrees and Sunny
The pure fact that getting outdoors at any time of year is easy is a special treat we can’t take for granted. While many fellow Americans are faced with blustering cold weather in the winter months and humid sticky temps in the summer, San Diego offers moderate temps for the majority of the year.

Photo: Baby Mable’s

7. Dress Your Bump
Style that bump! Your body is changing and that means your old wardrobe will need a face-lift. Don’t panic! San Diego has plenty of shops that cater to moms-to-be, and the clothes are cute enough that you’ll want to keep wearing them post pregnancy. Baby Mablel’s in Solana Beach and Modish Maternity in La Jolla are just a few of the amazing maternity shops in San Diego county.

8. You Can Always Stop and Smell the Roses
Nine months of being pregnant helps prepare us for the reality that having a baby forces us to slow down. Luckily, there are plenty of beautiful places throughout San Diego county to stop and smell the roses. When days get stressful and you to clear your mind, check out The San Diego Botanical Garden, Balboa Park or The Waterfront Park Downtown.

Photo: Blush Desserts

9. Cravings? No Problem!
Pregnancy cravings are only a problem if they can’t be fulfilled and you won’t have any issues getting a sweet (or salty) fix in sunny San Diego. At some point you and baby may even want a cupcake for breakfast, so just head over to newly opened Blush Desserts on Convoy Street and indulge in a blueberry pancake cupcake with maple frosting and candied bacon! Can we say #beingpregnantinSanDeigoRocks?

10. San Diego’s Amazingly Supportive Community
The moms in San Diego are amazing. From the many online communities to the numerous opportunities to meet moms in person through classes, seminars, organized nights out and more; the parents here are incredible and just waiting to welcome you into the club of motherhood.

Do you have a San Diego “secret” that every pregnant mom should know? Tell us in the comments!

— Aimee Della Bitta

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