Cinépolis Debuts Play Gyms in Theaters for Moviegoing Families!

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Did you kiss your moviegoing days goodbye because getting your little fireballs to sit still is like asking Superman to wear kryptonite? Well hang on to your Goobers because Cinépolis Pico Rivera and Vista locations just opened the nation’s first Junior Movie Theaters that feature super fun play structures and cozy seats designed for moviegoing families with energetic young kids. Click through for a preview!

Get The Wiggles Out
Each Cinépolis location has one dedicated Junior Theater that screens kid-friendly flicks 7 days a week. Designed for kids ages 3-12, the theaters feature play structures that are equipped with engaging activities for getting the wiggles out before the lights go down. A 55-foot long and 25-foot high play structure holds two slides and two main platforms within the structure boast playground equipment including: “Wobble Hoppers” that are like stationary Pogo sticks, a “Stand n’ Spin” that’s like a scaled-down merry-go-round and hanging “Fun Forest Bags” filled with foam. Younger tykes can enjoy the enclosed play area that has green lawn turf and a tire climber and plastic animal sculptures to pounce on and play with.

Families can arrive 20 minutes before the movie begins to use the play areas and settle into their seats. Kids are not allowed to play during the movie, so make it a goal to get all of the extra energy out of your Indiana Jones Jr. before showtime.

Insider’s Tip: No shoes are allowed in the play areas, so be sure to bring socks for those happy feet.

Special Movie Treats & Popcorn
As you enter the theater, little ones will receive a coloring sheet and a kid-friendly Junior menu that’s exclusive to the Cinépolis Junior auditorium. The menu offers Junior Munchie Packs which come with a fountain drink and choice of fries, frozen grapes or caramel slices. Candies are also available and an Icee upgrade with the Munchie Pack costs a dollar extra. After playtime, kids will be happy to cozy up with a unique popcorn treat available in Junior theaters that they’re sure to get a kick out of: Cheetos, Chili, Caramel and Zebra flavored popcorn are all on the menu!

Kick Back & Relax, Minus the Squirming
Little kids will no longer need to mess with a movie seat that keeps folding in on them, squirm around to get comfy in your lap or sit on one of those hard, plastic booster seats to view the film. Instead they’ll be able to totally relax in one of four seating options: a Premium Rocker Seat that’s akin to a traditional movie theater seat, a Giant Double Bean Bag seat, an oversized Double Pillow Seat or a Single Lounge Chair that resembles a chaise lounge chair. With all these comfy choices they’ll be able to get lost in the movie — and just maybe you can too!

Ticket Prices
Seeing a film in a Cinépolis Junior theater costs $1 more than seeing one in their standard movie theater. Prices also depend on which type of seat you choose and on the time of day/day of week the movie is being shown. Cozying up in the same seat with your little movie buff will save you some dough because the double bean-bag type seats are sold as one ticket which covers the cost of two people. Double seat options cost $19 at the Pico Rivera location and $21 at the Vista location. Be sure to reserve your seats online here before you go to the theater.

Note: Adults are only permitted in a Cinépolis Junior theater if they are with a child who’s 12 or younger.

Cinépolis Pico Rivera
8540 Whittier Blvd.
Pico Rivera, Ca 90660

Cinépolis Vista
25 Main St.,
Vista, Ca 92083

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All photos courtesy of Cinépolis USA

–– Beth Shea