Admit it — you’re getting a bit tired of the regular walks around the neighborhood. Try going on a new adventure and taking the kids for a walk across a few of San Diego’s unique foot bridges. San Diego may be home to the iconic Coronado bridge, but that’s not the only bridge in town worth noting. While you may be preoccupied with getting to the other side, don’t forget to stop and enjoy the view. It’s worth the time – we promise!

Quince Street Bridge
The Quince Street Bridge is over 100 years old, making it a classic Mission Hills landmark and one of the few remaining wooden trestle bridges in San Diego County. Take your time walking across this one. The bridge overlooks Maple Canyon, which has a neat, walkable hiking trail 60 feet below. It makes for a pretty awesome view.

The entrance on 4th avenue has a Little Free Library, so you can even get a little reading in while you’re at it.

400 Quince St.
San Diego, Ca

Spruce Street Bridge
Just a short walk away from the Quince Street Bridge, you’ll find the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge, better known as the “Wobbly Bridge.” This one is hidden quite well in a residential area, and is truly a treasure to behold. It actually sways back and forth as you walk across it. While some kids love the bouncy feature, others may be a little scared so be sure to hold on to your little ones! Don’t miss the gorgeous view of San Diego’s downtown skyline from the center of the bridge as the Spruce Street bridge spans Kate Sessions Canyon. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, hike down the canyon (careful, it’s steep) and discover even more fun things to explore.

Spruce St. and First Ave.
San Diego, Ca

Vermont Street Pedestrian Bridge
The Vermont Street Pedestrian Bridge is a modern steel bridge that connects the neighborhoods of University Heights and Hillcrest. It’s pretty short, so kids love to run across it but it’s worth stopping every few seconds to check out the quotes written on panels all along the bridge. Before they run off, test your kid’s reading abilities and have them read quotes written by people like Martin Luther King, Jr., Kate Sessions, Pythagoras, and even Dr. Seuss. The bridge conveniently ends in a shopping area, so if your kids are hungry after all that running you can easily grab a bite to eat at Panera Bread right next door.

1200 Pascoe St. (Vermont St & Pascoe St)
San Diego, Ca

25th Street Musical Bridge or Crab Carillon
The Crab Carillon is an unassuming freeway over pass, which also serves as a musical piece of art created by Roman de Salvo. The secret is in the railing separating the sidewalk from the traffic on the west side of the bridge. Give your kids a large stick (trust us) or a metal rod, then let them slide it along the bars of the rail as they walk, skip or run up and down the bridge. Your little musician will soon discover he’s actually playing a song called “Crab Carillon” composed by Joseph Waters. You might think of it as a really big xylophone. The song is a palindrome, so it sounds the same no matter which direction they walk. It’s a simple, yet charming way to pass the time.

700 25th St.
San Diego, Ca

 Have you visited any of these bridges? Let us know in the comments!

-Marissa Mullen

Photos by Marissa Mullen

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