Just Opened: Fig Tree Cafe in Liberty Station

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We all want our kids to eat good, fresh, healthy, organic, local, free-range (and all those other delicious buzzwords) food to grow up healthy and strong. We also know that we live in a world of quick and easy nuggets and slices and burgers. Thankfully, Fig Tree Café has been a part of the good ingredients movement since opening their first location in Pacific Beach back in 2008.  On Tuesday, August 27, Fig Tree Café will open their third location to bring their award-winning California cuisine (and a much needed family breakfast spot) to Liberty Station.

FigTreeCafe breakfast

Fig Tree Café in Liberty Station will offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, similar to their Pacific Beach and Hillcrest locations – though they are most well known for their breakfast offerings. Fig Tree sources their ingredients as seasonally, locally and fresh as possible – eggs come from a farm in Ramona; produce is grown in Escondido; and herbs will be grown right on site.

While there is not a specific kid’s menu, their general menu is so accessible to kids of all ages that you won’t need the nuggets or buttered noodles to have happy little bellies. In the off-chance your picky eater just can’t find something, the kitchen is happy to make adjustments to accommodate your child’s palate.

We think that the Bananas Foster French Toast will surely delight your kids, and the Eggwich is certain to please your savory tastebuds for breakfast. The fresh fruit bowl is huge and isn’t your typical blasé bowl of cantaloupe and honeydew. Order it as an appetizer for your hungry bears when they just can’t hold it together for their food to come to the table. You won’t be disappointed (or starving either).

FigTreeCafe breakfast2

Rest assured Fig Tree Café will have a plethora of espresso drinks to get that morning caffeine fix. And as a reward at the end of a(nother) long day, check out their wine and beer offerings.

Keeping with their natural, people-friendly and eco-friendly culinary theme, the décor at Fig Tree walks the same line. Designed by owners Alberto Morreale and Johan Engman, chairs, tables, light fixtures and décor are sourced from previously used materials. Barrels have been broken down into tabletops, wall décor and lighting fixtures. Counters from the previous restaurant on site have been reused and perfectly integrated into their new rustic décor.

FigTreeCafeLS bar

FigTreeCafeLS patio

2400 Historic Decatur Rd.
Suite 103
San Diego, Ca 92101
Online: facebook.com/FigTreeCafeLibertyStation 

Dishes range from $7-$20. And, if you are one of our wonderful military families – active, reserve or retired – Fig Tree Café offers a 10% discount with your valid Military ID.

Enjoy! What’s your favorite dish at Fig Tree?

–Kathleen Berkson 

Photos courtesy of Fig Tree Café Liberty Station’s Facebook page.