Why is it that without fail whenever our little Picassos decide to craft at home with paint, markers, glue and other messy materials, they somehow always end up leaving their mark on the furniture, floor and, yes, even the walls? Next time spare the mess and bring your budding artist to the newly-opened Paint The Walls in Poway, where your kids (12 months and up) are invited to paint actual walls and chalk the floors to their young hearts’ content.

The Landscape
When you walk into this arts & crafts activity center, there’s no agenda – only bright white panels line the walls screaming for brush strokes of bright colors. Your kids will be given a smock in their size (if desired) and their own pallet of a rainbow assortment of paints.

There’s a large selection of painting tools to choose from — various sizes of brushes, stencils, sponges, rollers and rubber stamps are found in buckets and tins. Paper in all colors is also provided if your Jackson Pollock would rather take a keepsake home, and tins of markers can be found at every table ready to embellish any masterpiece.Toward the back of the studio, you’ll find chalkboard walls and even a chalkboard floor.

Rest assured that when the novelty of these new canvases wear off, your kids will remain entertained by an abundant array of art materials to explore, which include play dough, Fun Foam, Sugar Glue Painting, and Goo — all included in the cost of admission.  Or, pick out a wooden craft item to decorate that ranges in price from $2.50 to $3.50.

At Paint The Walls, kids are given all the tools and freedom to express their creativity. It’s a great place to encourage your child’s self-expression and for the little ones to work on their fine motor skills without even knowing it, in a fun, open-play environment.

Paint the Walls also offers art classes and summer camps.  Plus, if you’re stumped about where to host your child’s next birthday, the space also features crafty birthday parties for your little’s next bash. No clean-up (by you!) required.

Other Art-a-Facts
• All of the paints are washable but we suggest dressing the kiddos in clothes you don’t mind getting messy. There is a large sink and plenty of soak for washing hands and faces.

• Outside food or drinks are not permitted but Paint The Walls sells healthy, packaged snacks and drinks.

• You must remain with your children at the studio at all times.

Paint The Walls
11385 Poway Road, Suite 108
San Diego, Ca 92128
Online:  paintthewallssandiego.com
Cost:  $10 per child over 12 months of age for unlimited time in the studio. $8 for each additional sibling. Adults and babies are free.

Have you been to Paint the Walls? What’s your favorite thing about the space? 

Written and Photographed by: Christina Q. Cross

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