Did you know podcasts, originally dubbed “audioblogging” have been around since the ’80s? But, it wasn’t until portable digital devices became the norm, circa 2004, that they truly began to pick up steam. Flash forward to today—and podcasts are pretty much everyone’s favorite source of news, entertainment, and brainfood. The uber-popular medium is especially appealing to busy parents with demanding schedules (and no free hands!). We’re highlighting San Diego podcasts by local parents that are worth a listen. Read on for the details.

The Mom Confidential

City Girl Gone Mom

You may know her from her wildly popular insta-account or have seen her boss baby doing his thing (we've never seen anything cuter!). But, did you know Danielle Schaffer, mom of four kids and three pups also hosts a fabulous podcast called, The Mom Confidential? Every week Danielle and her co-host Dr. Flossy (AKA her husband) deep dive into stories, interviews and inspirational words from some of the most influential women and names in the business. Hear all the truths about motherhood and family, from parenting basics from mom and dad to celebrity anecdotes. The dynamic duo doesn't shy away from tough topics, a.k.a why spouses cheat, so get ready for a juicy and entertaining listen.

Listen here: The Mom Confidential

Sure, Babe


The Sure, Babe podcast is all about relationships, accepting who you are, and living the life you're meant to live. We can get on board with that! Chrissy Powers is a blogger and podcaster with a highly successful instagram platform but she's also a licensed marriage and family therapist and creative career coach. The wife and mother of three shares honest stories about motherhood, mental health, relationships, travel, style, and life in Southern California. On the podcast you’ll hear everything – the good, the bad, the embarrassing, and even the taboo––because she believes it's all got to be talked about.

Listen here: Sure, Babe

The Mom Minutes

The Mom Minutes

Jenn Kolinski and Natasha Tharp, two working moms from San Diego, talk honestly about all the challenges and joys of life. Listening to their podcast feels like sitting down with two girlfriends over a glass of wine (their weekly episode also features a wine of the week, by the way!) They honestly discuss everything from "capsule wardrobes" to "how not to lose it,' and each episode offers something interesting, relatable and of-the-moment to think about. Girlfriends and podcasts, FTW.

Listen here: The Mom Minutes

They See Me Mommin'

They See Me Mommin

If you want a laugh out loud moment (or a dozen) download the They See Me Mommin' podcast today. The duo that host the podcast are both mothers: 1 mum, 1 mom. Now living in Southern California, they refer to themselves as transplants from either side of the pond. They both love comedy, family life and Harry Potter. They certainly inject enough material in between laughs that will make you think and listen closer. It's the perfect combo of serious and sweet and a great listen for any moms everywhere.

Listen here: They See Me Mommin'

The High Conflict Co-Parenting Podcast

The High Conflict Co-Parenting Podcast

A bit different than the other podcasts we've highlighted, but one that's certainly worthy of being on the list is The High Conflict Co-Parenting podcast. Hosted by Brook Olsen, a Certified Parenting Educator with the International Network for Children and Families, a Certified Divorce Mediator, Divorce Coach, and author of The Black Hole of High Conflict, this San Diego based podcast addresses co-parenting when circumstances are difficult. He and his guests show that you can't change your ex partner, but you can change the environment and offer your child health and happiness. Listen and learn principles, tools and techniques available in order to create peace in high conflict co-parenting relationships.

Listen here: The High Conflict Co Parenting Podcast

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls

Rebel Girls

If you want a podcast that's entertaining for both you and your little one, we have a list of those too. Start with Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls. The inspiring books on powerful women have released season three in audio form. Listeners can learn about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Priscilla Chan, Celia Cruz and the Mirabel Sisters and many more over the course of the last few seasons. But don't stop there, check out our full list of family podcasts to download today. They're diverse, exciting and interesting for all ages. 

Listen here: Rebel Girls

––Aimee Della Bitta


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