If you want to avoid going inside the grocery stores right now, or you can’t get a scheduled grocery delivery date until next week, there are plenty of other ways to fill up your fridge, faster. Local restaurants, chocolate shops and even flower stands will stock you up with fresh produce, bread, butter, eggs, milk and more. Most of these locations even have your groceries available the same day when you place your order for either curbside pick-up or local delivery. Bonus: many of these locales are still operating restaurants, so treat your fam to lunch or dinner from their takeout menu to support small businesses while gathering your kitchen essentials. Read on for where to stock up!

Lazy Dog

Known for their cozy rustic vibe and dog-friendly patio, you can now pick up essentials from the Lazy Dog Pantry. They started out with their Home Essentials box for $40; which includes 3 lbs raw chicken, 15 eggs, 1 gal milk, 1 loaf bread, butter, rice, vegetables and even toilet paper. Now they offer Meal Kit Boxes too like a Pizza Night Kit for $35 with 2 balls of homemade pizza dough, marinara sauce, all the pizza toppings, caesar salad mix and brownies. There’s a Backyard BBQ Kit for $60; which includes 2 flat iron steaks, 8 hot dogs, coleslaw mix, and all the fixings. And a Brunch Kit for $45 with pancake mix, whipped cream, Nutella, fresh bananas, syrup, 15 eggs, 1 lb bacon, breakfast potatoes, coffee and fresh OJ. Their food menu is available as well as a bowl of chicken or beef dog food for your pooch. They have a large selection of beer and wine available.

How to order & pay: online
How to get it: scheduled pick up only
*delivery is only available from their menu, not their market
When: same day available

1202 Camino Del rio N
Mission Valley

Instagram: @lazydogrestaurants
Online: lazydogrestaurants.com

Bayside Landing

This craft-beer restaurant in Pacific Beach is the newest business to turn into a neighborhood grocer. They have the essentials like bacon, eggs, produce, grains, toilet paper and more.

How to order & pay: call or use delivery apps
How to get it: pick up or use any of the delivery apps
When: same day available

3780 Ingraham St.
Pacific Beach

Instagram: @baysidelanding 

California Pizza Kitchen

Yes pizza is in their name and it’s their specialty, but to help you enjoy their delicious food in your own kitchen you can shop from their new Pop-Up CPK Market. In addition to their regular pizza or take and bake pizzas, you can order meal kits to cook at home or essential pantry items. Their meal kits are a choice of pan roasted chicken, salmon or grilled ribeye for either 2 or 4 servings that come with salad, sides and dessert. Other options include a charcuterie board, fruit & veggie boxes, pizza kit, lettuce wrap kit, taco kit or individual staples like 1 gallon of milk, 1/2 galling of apple juice, a dozen eggs, sugar, flour, bread, pasta, sauce, and even a selection of thawed meats and frozen seafood. They have a large selection of beer and wine available.

How to order & pay: online or app
How to get it: scheduled pick up or curbside
*delivery is only available from their menu, not their market
When: same day available

7007 Friars Rd.
Fashion Valley Mall

3363 Nobel Dr.
La Jolla

11602 Carmel Mountain Rd.
Carmel Mountain

437 S. Hwy 101
Solana Beach

2015 Birch Rd.
Otay Ranch Town Center

Instagram: @cpk
Online: cpk.com

Burger Lounge

Known for their original grass-fed burgers and organic ingredients, Burger Lounge has started selling individual grocery items from their Essentials Corner Store that you can add on to your take out order. Items are sold individually a la carte and include essentials such as milk & almond milk, whole & liquid eggs, bread, buns, cheese blocks, yellowfin tuna steak, butter, tortillas, vegetables from their menu items, the only fruit options are oranges and apples. You can also buy bottles of their sauces and condiments as well as their delicious lavender mint lemonade or their hibiscus lemonade and even beer or wine.

How to order & pay: online or app
How to get it: scheduled curbside
*delivery is only available from their menu, not their grocery goods
When: same day available

Various locations: Kensington, Hillcrest, Little Italy, Gaslamp Downtown, Coronado, Ja Jolla, Del Mar, Del Sur, Carlsbad

Instagram: @burgerlounge
Online: burgerlounge.com

Moniker General

This hip coffee & home goods shop in Liberty Station has switched gears to provide grocery goods from their general store. Order online and pick them up the next day at the curb. Call when you arrive and they’ll bring it all out to your car. They have fresh fruits and vegetables, breads (gluten free options), milk and non-dairy milks, dry goods, beer, wine, personal care needs, home goods and that does include toilet paper. They have beer, wine and an Irish mule kit available.

How to order & pay: online
How to get it: scheduled curbside
When: next day available, call to see if same day is available

2860 Sims Rd.
Liberty Station in Pt. Loma

Instagram: @monikergeneral
Online: monikergeneral.com

Eclipse Chocolate

Pick up some decadent chocolate while you do some grocery shopping at this Chocolate Bar & Bistro in South Park turned makeshift grocer. They sell the essential fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs, bread/bagels, dry goods, sugar, pasta, garlic, cheese and toilet paper. Some items they sell that most other pop-up grocers don’t is yeast (active dry and fresh), yogurt, raw meats like bacon, ground beef and steak, exotic cooking oils and even fresh made bloody Mary mix, lemonade mix and a concentrated vanilla bean cold brew. They have a large selection of bottled wines available.

How to order & pay: online or walk in
How to get it: scheduled pick up
When: usually same or next day available

2145 Fern St.
South Park

Instagram: @eclipsechocolate
Online: eclipsechocolate.com

Nutmeg Bakery & Cafe

This artisan scratch bakery & cafe features sustainable, organic foods and treats. Now they're featuring essential grocery and pantry items too. You can order fruits, vegetables, eggs, butter, coffee, milk/non-dairy, cheese, flour, sugars and pasta. They have few other items that are hard to find elsewhere like yeast and a good selection of meats like nitrate free ham, roasted turkey, bacon and salami. Limited beer and wine are available.

How to order & pay: online or call in
How to get it: scheduled curbside pick up or delivery
When: same day available

12640 Sabre Springs Pkwy.
Sabre Springs

10755 Scripps Poway Pkwy.
Scripps Ranch

Instagram: @nutmegbakery
Online: nutmegsd.com

Bay Park Flowers

This sweet owner recently bought this flower stand a couple months ago after leaving her banking job. She quickly changed gears to keep her business running and offer what people need access to right now: fresh food. She offers a good variety of fruits and vegetables and even sells eggs. There are a few parking spots you can park in and walk over to choose your items or you can drive-thru and roll your window down where she’ll take your order. She’ll go collect your items and put them in the back of your car for you. Your grocery shopping experience doesn’t get much easier or nicer than her. Oh, and pick up a beautiful bouquet of flowers to brighten up your home while you’re there.

How to order & pay: in person walk-up or drive-up
How to get it: in person
When: same day available

2555 Morena Blvd. (at Ingulf St.)
Bay Park

Instagram: @bayparkflowers
Online: bayparkflowers.com


Dan Diego's

An Irish family pub atmosphere in Bay Park is offering large family meals to go as well as essential grocery items like bread, milk, eggs, produce and meats. Grocery items are only available Thursday - Monday.

How to order & pay: online or call in
How to get it: in person
When: Thursday - Monday

2415 Morena Blvd.
Bay Park

Instagram: @dandiegos
Online: dandiegos.com


Pushkin Russian Restaurant

This downtown Russian restaurant is now offering through ASAP Produce same day grocery delivery to San Diego County and surrounding counties. You can order meats, seafood, milk/nondairy, eggs, bread, fruit, vegetables, grains, pasta, pickled items, drinks and even desserts.

How to order & pay: online
How to get it: scheduled pick up or delivery
When: same day if ordered before 6:30 p.m.

750 6th Ave.
Downtown Gaslamp

Instagram: @pushkinrestaurant
Online: pushkinrestaurantsd.com



This downtown French inspired restaurant is offering large family meals like lasagna and quiche Lorraine, but you can also buy essential groceries too. These are limited to eggs, blueberries, apples, lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, salami, pasta, prosciutto, pate and gourmet cheese.

How to order & pay: online
How to get it: scheduled pick up
When: same day available

2101 Kettner Blvd.
Downtown Little Italy

Instagram: @zinque
Online: lezinque.com


Kettner Exchange

You can order a preset gourmet Market Box from Kettner Exchange once a week if your order by Wednesday. The full box price is $225 or half a box is $115. Here are some of the items it comes with: 4 Scottish salmon filets, 4 Hanger steaks, 4 chicken breast, eggs, almond milk, butter, vegetables, lemon butter sauce, chipotle aioli, french bread, apples, bananas and creme fraiche panna cotta. This is the only food box that also comes with our local 4 assorted Devil’s Dozen Donuts!

How to order & pay: online
How to get it: scheduled pick up or delivery
When: if you order by 8 p.m. on Wednesday, it will be ready for pick up or delivery on Thursday

2001 Kettner Blvd.
Downtown Little Italy

Instagram: @kettnerexchange
Online: kettnerexchange.com

Isabel's Cantina

This is a Mexican/Asian restaurant in Pacific Beach and they’re offering limited essential items on Thursdays only if you order by Sunday afternoon. They’re offering a $30 pantry box that you can pick up for a contactless curbside pickup. In the box you’ll find 1 gallon milk, 15 eggs, cheese, choice of meat (chicken, soy chorizo or bacon), 2 lbs rice, black beans, potatoes, broccoli, carrots, onions and garlic.

How to order & pay: online or call in
How to get it: scheduled pick up or delivery
*deliveries only to Pacific Beach, Mission Beach or La Jolla
When: order by 2 p.m. Sunday ready for Thursday pick up or delivery

966 Felspar St.
Pacific Beach

Facebook: Isabel's Pacific Beach
Online: isabelssd.com

El Pescador Fish Market

El Pescador has been serving high quality locally sourced fish for over 40 years and is a San Diego landmark loved by many locals. Check out their fun Instagram to get a dose of their contagious happy go lucky spirit. You’d be delighted to get a delivery from their team if you order from their seafood counter or their new grocery market. They are getting daily deliveries of fresh fish and fresh vegetables, local breads, eggs and of course toilet paper. One thing they have that others don’t: Bobboi Gelato in many flavors. Beer and wine are available as well.

How to order & pay: phone in orders
How to get it: scheduled curbside pick up or delivery within 2.5 miles
When: same day available

634 Pearl St.
La Jolla

Instagram: @elpescadorfishmarket
Online: elpescadorfishmarket.com

RED O Taste of Mexico

Classically elevated Mexican dishes are made using sustainable ingredients at this UTC restaurant. Order a family fiesta pack of tacos, enchiladas, or fajitas that feeds a family of 4 and add on some essential grocery items if you need them. You can purchase these essentials as a grocery pack (fruit, vegetable or dairy packs are $25; butcher pack is $250 for 13 portions of meats like flat iron steak, ribeye, salmon and others); or you can buy these essentials individually.

How to order & pay: phone in orders
How to get it: scheduled curbside pick up
When: same day available

4340 La Jolla Village Dr.
La Jolla

Instagram: @redorestaurant
Online: redorestaurant.com

Ranch 45

Known for their hearty weekend breakfasts and lunches they also have an onsite butcher shop where you can buy meats raised humanely without hormones or antibiotics. Purchase meats separately or as part of their big game party pack and you can also order from their new essential grocery provisions market. You can find frozen seafood, vegetables, fruits, eggs, milk, butter, sugar and flour.

How to order & pay: online or call in
How to get it: scheduled pick up or delivery
When: same day available

512 Via De La Valle
Solana Beach

Instagram: @ranch.45
Online: ranch45.com

Neat Underground

Working as a pop-up restaurant inside Red House Kitchen, they’re offering essentials as an add-on only to orders placed from their food menu. Order some Jambalaya or baked ziti and add on a bag of fresh fruit or vegetables for $20 each, some bread, milk or even a charcuterie board. Check their social media for updates.

How to order & pay: call in
How to get it: scheduled pick up or delivery
*please reserve deliveries for seniors or those at risk
When: they’re only open Thursday - Sunday with deliveries between 4:30-5:30 p.m. and curbside pick up between 5:30-8:30 p.m.

775A 13th St.
Imperial Beach

Instagram: @neatunderground
Online: neatunderground.com

Little Frenchie

A Coronado French neighborhood cafe serving Provencal classics is now offering grocery essentials like eggs, milk, flour, steaks and charcuterie boards.

How to order & pay: call in
How to get it: scheduled pick up or delivery
When: same or next day

1166 Orange Ave.

Instagram: @littlefrenchiesd
Online: bluebridgehospitality.com/little-frenchie


Subway Grocery is a beta program for 100 Southern California Subway restaurants that are trying out selling their individual deli items. It has started in Orange County recently and it may expand further into other franchises, so be on the lookout at your nearest Subway or ask them if they’re going to participate.

Instagram: @subway
Online: subway.com

Tender Greens

Fresh made homestyle comfort foods are what they do best, so it’s no surprise their new food box offerings comfort you with all the essentials you need right now. Choose from one of 7 large produce or home essentials boxes like a fruit box for $30, a veggie box for $25, a lettuce box for $20, a fruit/veggie box for $30, a pantry box for $40 (bread, pasta, onion, garlic, cheese, tomato sauce, salami and a bottle of wine), an indoor picnic box for $65 (includes 3 bottles of wine, grapes, crackers, salami, cheese, baguette, preserves), and even a morning box for $40 (eggs, milk, flour, sugars, butter, chocolate chips, baking soda and coffee). Or you can choose some of these items a la carte like eggs, milk, butter, flour, raw or pre-grilled chicken, bread, soups or mashed potatoes.

How to order & pay: online or app

How to get it: scheduled pick up or delivery within 6 miles *delivery is available for all of their grocery goods *free delivery for orders over $70 and reduced delivery fees at $30 & $50 when you order online

When: same day available

1640 Camino del Rio N
Mission Valley Mall

2400 Historic Decatur Rd. Liberty Station
Pt. Loma

110 W Broadway

Instagram: @tendergreens

Online: tendergreens.com

––Bonnie Taylor


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