When we first heard about the solar eclipse—happening on April 8th, 2024, by the way—we had no idea how much of a big deal it would be. Call us clueless, but it turns out, the whole country is so excited for this event. And, it really shouldn’t be a surprise that there’s so much excitement. The next total solar eclipse that can be seen from the contiguous United States will be August 23, 2044. So, okay, 20 years is definitely major. It’s no wonder there’s so much eclipse merch that’s been popping up for the last few months. From solar eclipse glasses to tees and toys, there’s a lot of goodies out there to commemorate this heavenly happening.

This is a major chance for learning, too. There are a lot of schools that are even closed that day, so it’s an awesome idea to take the time to break out these fun activities for a chance at family time and a teaching opportunity. Oh, and don’t worry; you can learn right along with them, thanks to these informative books and toys, too. So order these solar eclipse glasses ASAP (Seriously. Don’t look directly at the sun without protection!) and make sure to snag some of these eclipse-themed goodies! We also made sure that most of these will get to most customers on or before Monday, April 8th. But don’t wait!

AAS Approved 2024 Solar Eclipse Glasses

set of 2 eclipse glasses

These must-have glasses are made in the USA by NASA-approved manufacturer American Paper Optics, and are recognized as ISO-compliant by the American Astronomical Society. Eclipse glasses are #1 on the list of things to have for the big day!

AAS Approved 2024 Solar Eclipse Glasses ($14.99)—Buy Here!

'A Solar Eclipse Story' by Daniel Hallback

A Solar Eclipse Story Book
Vets Publish

This story is about a family learning about the solar eclipse the night before the big event! Perfect for ages 5 and up.

'A Solar Eclipse Story' by Daniel Hallback ($10.79)—Buy Here!

Smartphone Solar Imaging Enhancing Photo Lens 3-Pack

cell phone filter for solar eclipse

Literally no one wants to see blurry eclipse pictures, least of all you! These enhanced photo lenses that turn your smartphone camera into a solar imaging capable camera, specifically designed to capture the eclipse with precision. The lens acts like a solar imaging protector for your smartphone camera, too, shielding it from harmful rays. And again, we have to stress: never look directly at the sun without eye protection. (We nag because we care!)

Smartphone Solar Imaging Enhancing Photo Lens 3-Pack ($13.99)—Buy Here!

Celestial Buddies Eclipse Bundle

set of sun, earth, and moon stuffed toys
Celestial Buddies

We'll probably never recover from these hilarious and adorable plush planetary pals (we know the sun and moon aren't planets, but stay with us). Now only are they incredibly cute, they also help you demonstrate to younger kiddos the whole big deal behind the eclipse! You can snag these Celestial Buddies seperately, too, here: Earth Buddy, Sun Buddy, and Moon Buddy.

Celestial Buddies Eclipse Bundle ($77.99)—Buy Here!

Solar Selfie T-Shirt

white t-shirt with earth, moon, and sun illustration all taking a selfie

A t-shirt that isn't just darling for the day of; this'll easily become a favorite to wear all the time! Available in men's, women's, and kids' sizes and 10 colors.

Solar Selfie T-Shirt ($19.99)—Buy Here!

Total Solar Eclipse Sticker

multicolored total solar eclipse sticker with date
Stick to It Creations

Notebooks, water bottles, bulletin boards—everyone loves stickers! This would be perfect for a scrapbook, too.

Total Solar Eclipse Sticker ($4.99)—Buy Here!

1,000 Piece Solar Eclipse Jigsaw Puzzle

solar eclipse collage jigsaw puzzle
Buffalo Games

The Path of Totality has never looked so cool. Well, aside from the literal Path of Totality. But this colorful puzzle is definitely the second-coolest. 1,000 pieces to keep you entertained while you wait for the actual event.

1,000 Piece Solar Eclipse Jigsaw Puzzle ($14.99)—Buy Here!

Bright Eyes T-Shirt

grey t-shirt with 'turn around bright eyes' text

You had to know this would happen. Available in men's, women's, and kids' sizes and 9 colors.

Bright Eyes T-Shirt ($19.99)—Buy Here!

National Geographic Kids Window Art Kit

plastic stained glass making kit for kids
National Geographic

Help your kiddos get in the spirit of this celestial event with this super fun window art kit from National Geographic. Great for kiddos 8+ years.

National Geographic Kids Window Art Kit ($16.99)—Buy Here!

Cyanotype Paper Sun Print Kit

set of blue UV transfer paper for art projects

This kit includes everything you need to create frame-worthy art with just the power of the sun! Place the object of your choosing on the cyanotype paper, press and keep it secure with the included acrylic board, and in 5-15 minutes, your art appears.

Cyanotype Paper Sun Print Kit ($12.99)—Buy Here!

Solar Eclipse Coloring Book

solar eclipse coloring book

Not just a coloring book; this takes your kiddos through a whole journey of solar eclipse facts and fun!

Solar Eclipse Coloring Book ($8.99)—Buy Here!

Solar System Foam Ball Kit

foam space paint art kit

Kids love paint, of course, but add all the elements of this science-meets-fun kit that you can display after they're all done.

Solar System Foam Ball Kit ($23.99)—Buy Here!


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