Now that the school year is underway you’re looking for hacks and shortcuts to help your family get back to your school year routine. In honor of #LazyMomsDay, scroll down for ideas that will save you time and headaches.

1. Hang a shoe storage unit on the back of your pantry door to organize snacks for the next week or two.

spotted at and photo: Nicole Burton

2. Not sure what to do with all of your bath toys? Hang a tiered fruit basket to your shower rod to organize toys.

spotted at and photo: Indulgy via Mommy Shorts

3. Speaking of bath time, use your laundry basket for something different than dirty clothes. Place your babe in the basket during bath time to ensure his toys don’t float away.

spotted at and photo: Buzzfeed

4. The new school year will inevitably bring new colds and sniffles. When those noses start running use a rubber band to tie together two tissue boxes. Use the empty one as a trash can.

spotted at and photo: Wide Awake via Mommy Shorts

5. Organize their school year chores with handy clothes pins and an easy chart that shows what’s done and not done like this one below.

spotted at and photo: My House and Home

6. Mommy Shorts dreamed up this cool hack that uses puppy pee pads as a painting workshop in case you don’t have newspaper.

spotted at and photo: Mommy Shorts

7. Use a LEGO guy to hold up your phone charging cord to keep it from sliding off the desk. Your little helper will be holding the cord ready and waiting for your next charge. (Bonus, it’s totally cute!)

spotted at our editor’s home, photo by Amber Guetebier

8. Use a rubberband on your bathroom doors to prevent little ones from getting locked in.

9. Create a template for the babysitter and put it in a glass frame. Use a dry-erase marker to update it for each new babysitter and/or babysitting scenario.

10. Use a disposable coffee lid or a paper cupcake sleeve to prevent popsicle messes.

Share your fave hacks below!


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