Although most of us celebrate Easter with dyed eggs, an Easter basket chock full of goodies, and an egg hunt, Suzie of Project: Party Perfect took her love for Easter and Springtime to another level by throwing a springtime bash. The party, which took place at her friend’s home, featured tons of homemade decorations, delicious treats and a tea time, as well as guests who showed up in their finest duds. Take a look at and get inspired by Suzie’s spring party, which makes us never want to unpack our winter coats ever again.

Suzie’s friend hosted the spring bash, which was originally meant for their boys, but of course, the adults enjoyed it as much as the kiddos. All of the little ones dressed up in bow ties, and participated in tea time. Suzie, who was inspired by the awesome spring weather, wanted to show the kids that tea time isn’t just for girls!

While the decorations certainly look store bought, Suzie made everything you see here herself. Can we say, wow?! Suzie’s friend did all of the baking, while Suzie created the dessert table by using products found at the Dollar Tree and Target. The bunny topiary was made using a smooth styrofoam ball that was covered with lots of cotton balls. Suzie cut out the ears from card stock and used felt for the lining, with chenille stems for the whiskers to top it off.

If Suzie had to do this all over again, she pointed out she’d want to invite more of her mom friends! We forget that kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy a good cup of tea and some sweets.

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All photos courtesy of Project: Party Perfect

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