Form, function and style meet in these three new products for the home that caught our Editors’ attention. Read on to discover how we’ll be sprucing up our abodes this season.

File this under “little parent problems,” but we have grown so tired of picking up towels off our bathroom floor because our kids are too small to reach the rack and put them back. (Phew, feels good to get that out.) We never figured anyone else was bemoaning this — until Tottels came along. These terry cotton beauties were designed to help because they snap securely to your towel rack and hang long enough for tiny hands to reach. Cute fish and racecar designs make the washing-hands routine fun. Get them online at; $15.99.

Aqueduck Single Handle Extender
We love products that teach kids independence. Even better if they reinforce good habits at the same time. Score two points for Aqueduck, which makes an extender for your sink handle so little kids can reach it and wash their hands all on their own. The attachment also includes a faucet extender so the water flows closer to you. That cute duckie controls the water temperature so it never gets too hot or cold. Get one online at; $15.99 (handle) or $25 (with faucet extender).

Little One’s Clothes Tree
On any given day you step over toys, jackets, sweaters and books just to walk the four feet to the kitchen. Keep your rooms spick-and-span with the help of P’kolino’s new Little One’s Clothes Tree that comes in at 41 inches, the perfect height for your littles. Let them hang their jackets, hats and sweaters on their very own sculpture-like tree and watch as your floors magically reappear before your eyes. Get one online at; $79.99.

Which new product are you digging for your home?

– Kelly Aiglon & Erin Lem

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