Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Captain Fantastic In New Stan Lee Kids’ Series

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is back—and he’s coming to the small screen in an all-new animated series. Not only does this superhero-themed adventure star Schwarzenegger, it’s the brainchild of none other than Stan Lee.

Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten is one of the last creations from the icon. Now your littles can get to know Lee and his completely creative form of genius in a totally new way.

With 26 half hour episodes, there’s plenty of animated awesomeness for your kiddos to enjoy. This children’s series tells the tale of Captain Fantastic, a superhero-turned-kindergarten teacher. With laughs, action and even a lesson or two, this soon-to-be fave series has everything your kiddos want in a new show and so much more.

Find Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten on Kartoon Channel!, a free streaming platform for kids, starting Friday, Apr. 23.

—Erica Loop

Feature photo: Kartoon Channel via YouTube



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