You Can Get Free Starbucks Refills & Here’s How

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One Starbucks just isn’t enough. If your grande coffee is gone before you can say, “Are refills free?” you’re in luck—because the coffee retailer offers this service. That is, if you ask correctly.

To start with, you can’t just bring your cup up to the local barista and ask for more. Well, technically you can, but you’ll have to pay for it. So how can you get a free refill?

photo: Courtesy of Stabucks

If you want a free refill just buy your first drink via the Starbucks app, using your registered Rewards membership. When you ask for a refill, show the barista the app or your membership card.

The free refill is only good for brewed coffee drinks, such as hot and iced coffee. That means no refills on fancy Frappuccinos. Along with these rules, forget about buying an iced coffee in the a.m. and refilling in the p.m. You can’t leave the store in between refills.

—Erica Loop



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