Starbucks Mermaid Tumbler Is Fit for an Under Sea Princess

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The latest addition to Starbucks line of cups and tumblers is totally channeling The Little Mermaid.

Starbucks newest tumbler features an iridescent, scaled pattern in hues of teal, and turquoise and purple colors in certain lights and angles. The cup is appearing in posts all over Instagram, because obviously it’s fabulous.

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A post shared by Rachel Swedberg (@spicyginger1)

The Starbucks mermaid tumbler is available in stores now in Grande and Venti sizes, perfect for trying out the newest Starbucks non-dairy drinks, like the Coconut milk latte.

If you happen to have a pint-sized mermaid fan, you might want to grab two. This is one cup you won’t want to give up.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Rachel Swedberg via Instagram



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