Static electricity is all around us, shocking your co-workers and bringing giggles to the hearts of many parents watching their kiddos slide at the playground. Now, you can use this power to control water with a super cool science experiment that requires only two supplies you already have at home. Read on to learn how to bend water with a simple black comb

static kid on slide
photo: Ken Bosma via flickr 

You will need:

An ordinary black comb. (The grandpa kind.)

A faucet with running water.

Here’s How:

This one is great for any age, including toddlers, because it really requires very little. Just get the water in the faucet to a thin stream, more than trickle but the smallest amount you can get into a steady flow. 

Comb your hair several times (note: your hair should be dry and relatively clean for max effectiveness). Comb vigorously! Comb everyone’s hair! 

faucet comb science

On the vertical, bring the comb toward the water (but don’t touch the water) and the electricity you just generated with the plastic comb and your hair should cause the water to bend toward the comb. You may need to try it a couple of times to get it to work. 

Ooooo! Ahhhh!!! You’ve controlled water and defied gravity, if only for a second. 

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—Amber Guetebier

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