The season is absolutely a time to indulge, but there are a few ways to keep you feeling your best and staying healthy during the holidays

There’s really no better time to eat, drink, and be merry than the holidays! All the best food is at our fingertips. Our favorite beverages, coffees, and cocktails are ready for the toasting. We’re surrounded by our favorite people. There are parties, class performances, and company holiday dinners. It’s what the holidays are really about and we wouldn’t have it any other way. But all of that merry-making can take a toll on our bodies and minds, so we’re rounding up way to stay healthy during the holidays.

Don’t think for a second we’re here to make you feel restricted or guilty. That’s not our style. We just want to keep our energy up, our immune system firing, and our mind free of burnout. The winter brings its share of bugs and germs, so adding that to the mix of holidays, richer eating, lots of shopping, and probably a little less sleep, it’s definitely the season to take care of ourselves and our families, too. Staying healthy during the holidays is a priority, for sure! It’s no time to get sick or overwhelmed (especially since that would mean missing all the fun).

Get ready to jingle all the way while making a few small tweaks along the road! We’ve put together some of the best tips, tricks, and products we’ve found to make sure you feel your absolute best while you’re creating new memories.


A daily dietary supplement, Emergen-C dissolves in water for a fizzy drink packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin D, zinc, antioxidants, and electrolytes. Keep your immune system in tip-top shape so you can enjoy being surrounded by the people you love this season!

Emergen-C at CVS—$17.99—and $100s off gifts under $20! Pickup in store in as little as 1 hour!

Cuzen At-Home Matcha System Starter Kit

There are a ton of benefits to matcha, and much as we love a daily Starbucks green tea latte run, that's not the best idea for saving time or money. The Cuzen At-Home Matcha System makes it easy (seriously!) to make your own! It's designed to store, grind, and whisk Cuzen's organic leaves. Like coffee, freshly-ground matcha retains its best characteristics longer than its pre-ground counterparts! With a 4.6 star rating on Amazon, this is a fabulous gift for yourself and your tea-loving friends and family!

Famous Cuzen fans include Cindy Crawford, Carey Mulligan, Alicia Yoon—founder of Peach & Lily, and Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White.

Cuzen At-Home Matcha System Starter Kit—Amazon $299.00—Buy Now

Corto TRULY Extra Virgin Olive Oil

You probably already know that extra virgin olive oil is considered a healthy, good fat. But did you know that the quality of the EVOO you eat really matters? We're fans of Corto TRULY 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil for their seriously solid quality. They harvest their olives at the peak of freshness in the fall and cold-extracted within hours at their on-site mill. Plus, no orders are stored longer than 4-6 weeks in their climate-controlled warehouse so we know we're getting really fresh EVOO that's excellent for cooking along with bread-dipping, tossing into salads, and anything else the holiday menu has in store!

Corto TRULY Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Twin Pack)—Amazon $42.99—Buy Now

Sharper Image Calming Cozy Deluxe Massage & Heat Leg & Feet Wrap

Pretty much anything with the word "cocoons" just smacks of self-care, right? Add heat and massage and after a day of shopping, night of dancing, or a cold front, and this wrap is just about perfect!

Sharper Image Calming Cozy Deluxe Massage & Heat Leg & Feet Wrap—HSN $69.99—Buy Now

Pipette Overnight Brightening Mask

The holidays call for late nights wrapping or socializing, so getting that full 8 hours of sleep can be challenging! Fake it if you must with this Overnight Brightening Mask from Pipette. Whether we're fully rested or not, this overnight exfoliating beauty combats dullness and discoloration so you wake up looking merry and bright.

Take 30% off your first Pipette order with code SQUALANE30

Overnight Brightening Mask—Pipette $20.00—Buy Now

Marlow Pillow by Brooklinen

Are we pretty focused on sleeping this season? You bet. It's one of the best ways to sleigh self-care. You already know the misery that is a hot, sweaty, flat, unsupportive pillow. And for whatever reason, upgrading them is one of the last things we do for ourselves. The Marlow Pillow from Brooklinen was the jumpstart we needed to change that. Marlow is fully adjustable with three unique loft profiles and cooling technology that prevents the middle of the night sweaty wake up (you can count on the kids ready to open presents for that!).

The Pillow—Marlow, Starting at $39.00—Buy Now

nuun Hydration Instant Drink Powder

Hydration is absolutely critical, even when you don't necessarily feel thirsty. We always keep water close at hand, but for an extra boost, nuun is a convenient instant powder that hydrates even faster!

nuun Hydration Instant Drink Powder—Target $14.99—Buy Now

Color-Changing Oil Diffuser

Get your tranquility on among the hustle and bustle! This zen-as-can-be diffuser lets you relax with your favorite essential oils, so even if you're not actually able to kick back, you can take a few deep breaths for a spa-like moment or two. (We love adding holiday scents to it for a whole seasonal atmosphere!)

Color-Changing Oil Diffuser—Target $28.00—Buy Now

thisworks Sleep+ Pillow Spray

Out nighttime patterns can easily be disrupted between the time change and the holidays. thisworks Sleep+ Pillow Spray keeps you sleeping, assists with restlessness, and helps you wake up refreshed!

thisworks Sleep+ Pillow Spray—Amazon $24.00—Buy Now

JVN Hair Repair Routine

Help your hair recover from dry weather, extra styling, and winter hats with the JVN Hair Repair Routine! This set contains everything you need to restore your crown to its glory and trust us, the Pre-Wash Scalp Oil alone is a miracle.

JVN Hair Repair Routine—Amazon $83.00—Buy Now

Orlo Immunity Boost Oral Spray

Immunity on the go? During a season when we're constantly on the go, tossing this little spray filled with vegan, non-GMO spirulina, vitamin B complex, and vitamin D into your bag is a simple way to boost your energy, immunity, and brain power. We'll take two, please!

Orlo Immunity Boost Oral Spray—Amazon $46.50—Buy Now

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