Does your kiddo love dinosaurs? These Stegosaurus coloring pages are the perfect rainy day or after school activity for them. These aren’t just busy work. Each one has a different way of letting your kid be creative. Scroll on to see our favorite Stegosaurus coloring pages!

stegosaurus coloring pages

With this fun Stegosaurus coloring sheet mask, your kiddo can not only have a blast coloring, but also playing as their favorite dino! Find this activity sheet at

stegosaurus coloring pages

This Stegosaurus just wants a snack! A challenge for your kiddo could be for them to draw and color a different snack for the dino other than the leaves it's about to eat. Get this coloring sheet at

Stegosaurus coloring pages

Here's another one where your kiddo can create whatever they'd like in the background! Find this Stegosaurus coloring page at

Don't forget to color the second Stegosaurus! Get this one at

Stegosaurus coloring pages

This one has a fun environment to color in, too! You can get this Stegosaurus coloring page at

T-rex and stegosaurus coloring page

This is a fun one since it's not just a Stegosaurus, but also a T-Rex! Find this one at

dot to dot stegosaurus coloring pages

Everyone loves a dot-to-dot! Get this Stegosaurus worksheet at

stegosaurus coloring pages

Your kiddo gets to customize this one! Draw the spikes as you please. You'll find this one at

Stegosaurus coloring pages

For the kids who enjoys coloring pages with a background, this will be right up their alley! Get this Stegosaurus coloring page at

a big-eyed stegosaurus for stegosaurus coloring pages

How cute is this Stegosaurus? Your kiddo will have all that space to draw their dinosaur in whatever environment they want. They can let their imaginations go crazy! Find this one at

Stegosaurus coloring page

You can't go wrong with a classic coloring page of an awesome dinosaur! Find this Stegosaurus coloring page at

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