Steph Curry’s Courtside Daddy-Daughter Handshake Is Everything

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Steph Curry is more than an NBA superstar––the celeb athlete is a super-dad too!

During a recent Golden State Warriors’ game, the point guard, who wasn’t playing due to an injury, showed off a very special handshake with his daughter Riley.

In a completely cute video clip, which the NBA shared on social media, Curry is seen high-fiving the seven-year-old. The daddy-daughter duo then launches into a complex handshake routine. Before the point guard returns to his teammates, Curry and Riley complete the handshake with a sweet kiss.

This isn’t the first time Curry’s daughter has turned the spotlight away from her famous dad and grabbed the media’s attention. In 2015 the then-two-year-old stole the show during a press conference.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Ayesha Curry via Instagram 



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